TOP 10 of things to do at the Flying Pig Beach Hostel in wintertime
  • RELAXING BEACH WALKS TO BLOW OFF STEAM (unwind from the hectic big cities or if you just miss the ocean)
  • CITY TRIP TO AMSTERDAM (there are at least ten ways to get into town, our SHUTTLE is one of them)
  • CITY TRIP TO LEIDEN (“In the young Rembrandt’s footsteps”, walking tour, city with the most historical buildings and a very interesting history, visit a windmill )
  • CHILL OUT AND ENJOY HOSTEL LIFE (As you can only do at a Flying Pig)
Beach Hostel
  • PARTY (Noordwijk has a good nightlife in the weekends and the Beach Hostel Surf bar organizes parties on regular bases and is open every night, pubs are open all week)
  • SPACE EXPO ( Europe’s biggest space agency, permanent exhibition of  the universe and space travel.)
  • BIKES RIDES ( Bike through the rough woodlands and sand dunes or through small Dutch towns and suck up the Dutch way of life.)
  • INDOOR SNOWBOARDING (Hit the indoor slopes! Even in summer you can practice your snowboard skills.)
  • KITESURFING & SURFING ( Noordwijk has its own little surf culture, board rental available for reasonable prices. Top of the world kite spot, top, best months: October, November, February, March)
  • CITY TRIP TO DEN HAAG ( Political capital of Holland, interesting history)