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Things to do in Amsterdam, The Pig Newsletter
issue#19 June 2008

December 2005 the Flying Pig hostels started distributing a 6-weekly ezine. 2,5 years and 18 ezines later, we think it is time to update the content and the design. Besides that, we decided to listen to your wishes, simply because your feedback and ideas are the best.

What did you wish: information about things to do in Amsterdam and at the Flying Pig. What we granted for you is this:

- A daily updated agenda with all parties, exhibitions, events and much more on the ‘What’s On’ section on our website (Amsterdam Agenda).
A selection you can now find in the ezine, so you’ll be the first to know.

- A blog with all parties in the Flying Pig hostel bar, to find out what’s up or what you missed.
You can find this at the ‘What’s On’ section of our website (Pig Agenda), with a summary in the ezine to make it easy for you.

Of course we will still report on the latest Amsterdam news. And Linda’s Column will live on, just because we can’t do without her interesting point of view on things most of us don’t even notice.

We hope you will like the new layout and remember; your feedback is very much appreciated.


The Piggies



Lindas Column

A tale of fairy - Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairiest of them all?

LindaWhen my editor reminded me of the E-zine deadline I cracked my brain over a topic. On a desperate coffee break with my friend she suggests:
“Why not fairy tales?  It’s perfect, you can use the Flying Pig theme party for inspiration!”
Not convinced, but short of alternatives I turn myself into a forest creature the next day. Complete with brown face, and huge ears, purple hair and eyelashes I enter the Uptown bar.
“Nice outfit”, the ugly stepsister says as he hands me my ‘witches brew’.
There are already many crowned Princesses with their Prince Charmings in the house. Shrek shows up with Goldie locks and more characters start to arrive. It’s an impressive sight and it reminds me of the beauty of fairy tales. I discuss the love, struggle and morals, passed on all these years, with the Ace of diamonds and Pocahontas. An hour or 3 later I look about the bar again. Prince Charming has ripped his pants when in fight with Cinderella’s man, who is now celebrating his victory without shirt. Aladdin seems to have abandoned Jasmine and is being seduced by Poison Ivy. Snow-white looks paler than ever and Shrek has suddenly lost 20 pounds and an eye. It is not a fairy sight at all, and the prospect of a hang over kills all chances of a Happy Ending.
“This is all wrong! How could a tale twist so cruelly?” I ask the ugly stepsister searching for her breast. The next day I decide to explore this fairy world. The web tells me two things: fairy tales come from everywhere in the world and Walt Disney is one sided. The original tales evidently were written by women folk who rebelled against the authorities and their lack of rights. They were filled with sex, cruelty, sarcasm and surprisingly; without a Prince Charming. Take Little Red Riding Hood. She actually strip-teases for the wolf, gets into bed with him and only when she realizes this is one hairy bastard, she tells him she has to go for a piss and escapes. Obviously man like the brothers Grimm did not fancy these Kill Bill types. And maybe in the hope of avoiding domestics, they added Prince charming and Happily Ever After.I immediately call my coffee friend.
“Did you hear about Red Riding Hood, the slut!” I start.
“Oh, and it took a man to write us damsels into distress! Do you know what this means? It was the men who invented romance!”
“Makes sense” my friend now replies Linda“when you consider that men today believe that women shit roses, haha”.
We are stunned and very feministic about thy fairy tales’ path. But when we discuss the party, we both recall the Swan prince’s admiration for his damsel. And how it made her glow all night. Because in The End, girls do love being a princess!