The Uptown
uptownNext to the famous Vondel park and the Leidseplein, the square where it all happens ...
The Downtown
DowntownIn the middle of a shopping street around the corner of the Red Light District and the Central station...
Noordwijk Hostel
beachLocated right next to one of Holland’s beautiful beaches. There’s nothing that can beat...

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Things to do
There are lots of things to do in Amsterdam just check out some of the highlights we selected for you. When you are amsterdone you might want to go to Noordwijk which has a lot to offer on....

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Pig eZine -The Newsletter of The Pig Amsterdam 2009

Things to do in Amsterdam- The Flying Pig Hostels Amsterdam eZine

By reading our Amsterdam eZine you get to know Amsterdam better. Read about the In's and Outs of Amsterdam. Every six weeks we provide you with news about Amsterdam and The Pig. There is info on lots of cool and interesting places to visit and stories to be read from other backpackers.

Some articles from our Ezines

ezine 29 - December 2009
In this eZine:The new Uptown Bar

Trip to Amsterdam?
Looking to hang out in Amsterdam?
Wherever you are, you’re able to travel to Amsterdam for around €30,-!

Mind you, we’re NOT talking about boring long bus rides, but traveling by plane or train!

Here some examples to make it easy for you to find tickets:

ezine 28 - October-November 2009
In this eZine: The new Uptown Bar

ezine 27 - September 2009
In this eZine:
The new   Uptown BarA new part of the Uptown is finished!
We´re happy to announce that a new part of the Flying Pig Uptown is finished! What used to be our Flying Pig head office, is now transformed into fantastic new rooms for you guys! High ceilings, new bathrooms, a lot of space and it didn´t loose the typical Amsterdam mansion idea. You can now book the new rooms at and don´t worry, all the existing rooms are renovated too, same as the bar, kitchen and indoor smoking area; all excellent places to meet new people!
ezine 26 - July 2009
In this eZine:
The   Saint Christophers Live14 Travelers Live; 24/7
The world first live hostel room Since a few days, our friends @ St. Christophers are proving to the world that hostels are the place to be and way more fun then hotels. Is there a better way to prove, then streaming the life of 14 travelers live from 4 webcams in a dorm room...
ezine 25 - May 2009
The Uptown Hostel gets upgradedIn this eZine:
Book now for the Cannabis Cup 2009
22nd CANNABIS CUP 2009 For the ones who don’t know: the Cannabis Cup is one of the most famous events amongst cannabis smokers and cannabis-oriented businesses. The public helps judging loads of different types of marijuana. They decide which is the best new product, best booth, best glass, best hash and best Nederhash. A team of VIP judges decide which seed company brought the best marijuana. Many tourists go to Amsterdam to attend the festival.
ezine 24 - April 2009
In this eZine:
amsterdam guideTHE essential Amsterdam Guide
Are you curious what’s going on in Amsterdam during your stay?? In the ‘What’s On in Amsterdam’ section on you will find everything you need! We recently updated everything and all Amsterdam has to offer is there, including some secrets of the Flying Pig staff. Amsterdam is reasonably small for a city, but there’s always something happening. And although it‘s very easy to get around, some directions are always handy. Choose from the many festivals, museums, exhibitions, shopping areas and of course the best places to meet new people, eat, dance, drink and smoke.
ezine 23 - February 2009
In this eZine: coffeeshops in Amsterdam
Amsterdam Fact File
: What you really need to know on your trip to the City of Sin!.Amsterdam is a city famous the world over for its liberal attitude towards sex, drugs and good old rock and roll. However due to recent changes in the law there’s been some confusion over what’s still cool and what’s now old school when it comes to the law. Now we don’t want any of you guys getting arrested or coming home in floods of socially shocked tears, so we put together this no holds barred guide to Dutch culture as is stands in February 2009!