The Uptown Hostel


Let me tell you, if you like it or not, the spring is everywhere. In the air, on the fields, even in the sea! Sounds strange?

Well maybe it does, but we don’t mind. The weather is getting better and so is the temperature. It can get pretty cold during the Dutch winters. In December a water-temperature of 2 degrees is no exception. Now we have a beautiful average of 14 degrees.

Some of you will think that’s still to cold to surf. When you are used to surf in your board short or bikini you’re right. With a sea temperature of 9.6 degrees you really need a wetsuit.
Surfers At the Beach Noordwijk

Fortunately we think about everything here at the Pig. We have got a couple of wetsuits for you to use for free, and also a surfboard. Is the board already claimed by some other backpacker? No problem; go to the local surf shop and rent one, you get a great discount when you tell them you’re a Piggy guest!

Are you new in the surf scene but you are really stoked to learn, maybe some staff or a local will learn you your first moves on your surfboard. Don’t hesitate to ask!
Soon you will be able to check out the waves and weather live at your computer! We’re going to put a webcam on the website and you are also able to check the weather forecast so you know what to expect when you arrive.
See you in the water! Hang loose!