The Uptown Hostel
Ooow Yeah it’s spring again!

Everybody is happy in and around Noordwijk. Touring busses full of people are arriving at the hotels in Noordwijk. Terraces are open again and backpackers begin their day with a healthy walk at the beach (so they can chill out the rest of the day without feeling bad because of all the cheap beers and Dutch grass.) You know why? Because the spring has began! We love the spring!

tulips in holland

And one of the greatest things about this time of the year: everything is living up again. Flower fields change from boring brown peaces of land into the most beautiful colorful things you have ever seen.

The world famous ‘Keukenhof’ is open again so you can enjoy a whole day full of all sorts of flowers. Little lambs can be seen everywhere. Waves are getting better, more about that in spring-swell. We will give you one good advise: book early! We really want you to come and have a great time with us! We don’t want to disappoint you when you arrive in this beautiful Place Noordwijk to tell you we’re full.

chill at the beach in Noordwijk