The Uptown Hostel

Do You Remember This?

"Remember This" is an updated picture gallery that returns every eZine. This gallery is for all the people that have stayed @ the Beach over the last 7 years. Many good people and loads of good times. If you have some funny, emotional or shocking pics from your time at the Flying Pig Beach Hostel which you want to share with us, you can e-mail them to

This eZine: it’s spring, it really is! It will take a while before you can chill at the beach all night without your fleece sweater and a bottle of whiskey (not a bad idea, maybe next time?). But to prepare yourself, here are some pictures of the good old summer. Enjoy the ‘ Remember this’ pictures!

beer pigs
Drinking Beer At The Beach Hostel

Beach Noordwijk Hostel
A beach Party near the Hostel

Andy in Noordwijk Beach
Andy on the Beach

party at the Beach Hostel
Flying Pig Beach Hostel Party