The Uptown Hostel

Night of the Tip

The 2nd of June it’s 'nacht van de fooi', or 'tipping night' in cities around the country, including Amsterdam. You know how the Dutch are known to be cheap ass when it comes to spending money (where else would the saying “Going Dutch” come from?).

But on this particular night we hope everyone leaves a huge tip when they go out to drink or eat! And not because it’ll make that cute bartender or nice waitress rich, but because all tips received that night in participating restaurants are donated to small community projects in 3rd world countries. On top of it all, the sum of the donated tips is doubled by a sponsor organization. How’s that for a good cause!

You know it’s nice to leave a tip any day of the year if you appreciate the service in a restaurant, bar or café, but make sure that on the 2nd of June remember you leave all those nice waiters and waitresses an extra large tip, cause your tips will benefit others in poor countries!

Cheers  Smiley


*Rectification eZine10: 
This is what we wrote in the topic: 'The Year of the Pig': 'For starters, they just have a weird sort of calendar compared to what we're used to, although that can be a good thing, especially when it's the year of the pig!'

The word 'weird' was not a good choice; of course we meant: 'different'. Sorry about this!