The Uptown Hostel

At the Flying Pig Downtown every Tuesday… DJ Samidi!

DJ Samidi

Name: Samira
From: Morocco
Age:   69  Wink
Spinning since :  1.5 years
Boy/girlfriend:  Nope
Music style: Eclectic, so from rock and hiphop to dubrock, roots, reggae and instrumental
Favorite Club Amsterdam: Melkweg and Paradiso
Favorite Holiday destination:  Panama
Best Travel ever:  Mexico
Favoriete drink:  Vodka
Best brand beer:  Anything Russian
Spins at FP Downtown:  Every Tuesday

DJ Samidi spins at the Downtown for a while now. She spins every Tuesday from 21.00 hrs. Happy hour starts at 20.00 hrs and goes on for two hours!!! See you there!!!!!