The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party

We all hate Mondays

The Flying Pig has got a couple of really enthusiastic employees who are, most importantly, backpackers. The main thing for them is to keep the spirit alive and the hostel clean. They spend most of their time chilling at the beach, sundeck or at the bar. For these guys it doesn’t really matter whether its Sunday, Tuesday or Friday, every day is a new adventure.

the guys at the beach

And those guys taught me something. I will introduce myself, my name is Niels I am a Marketing Trainee at the Flying Pig Beach Hostel. Among others, I write some things for the website and I do some research (for example to get your opinion about the hostel, so that we can make things better). Right now I’m busy organizing the Flying Pig Beach Surf Challenge (a wave surf contest next year).
I work from Monday till Thursday. I’ve worked in other places before and every Monday morning it was the same thing. Everybody had a hard time starting up his or her week and Monday was the toughest day of the week. My colleagues used to say:

We all hate Mondays’.

Since I’ve been working at the Flying Pig, Mondays are not typical Mondays anymore. There are some good days and some days you’d rather stay in your bed. But the holiday spirit of the guests and backpackers makes it so different and enjoyable to go to work. Since the day I came working at this hostel, every day is a new adventure.
beach hostel noordwijk

I would suggest to those who are reading this at home: do the same thing. Of course have got your responsibilities, you can’t just backpack your whole life. But try to see every day as a new adventure with a good spirit and you will see: it will change a lot!

Keep the spirit alive!
Greetz from the Beach, Niels Labruyerère.