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The best Beach Bars In The Netherlands

The Gold Coast of the Netherlands

Although The Netherlands is only a small country, the coastline is very long in relation to the rest of the country. As you know, us Dutchies like to build on every square cm2, also on the beach. We do have remote parts, but there are also nicely decorated bars AT the beach; they actually look pretty natural and are great hang out spots! But where to go?

at The Beach

Presuming you stay at one of the 3 Flying Pig Hostels and you don’t want to travel too long, here are some tips:

-If you just feel like some nice food with a great view, go to ‘Zandvoort aan Zee’. This beach is very easy to reach by train (from Amsterdam). Go to Haarlem (10 minutes) and then to Zandvoort aan Zee (20 minutes). There are loads of beach bars, just walk past them (and check the menu) to see which bar fits you (listen to the music as well!).

-Locals from Amsterdam love ‘Bloemendaal aan Zee’; they call it ‘Amsterdam at the Beach’. The bar ‘Woodstock’ started with the popular ‘Beachpop’ event


and ‘Rapa Nui’, ‘De Republiek’ and Bloomingdale’ are more trendy options.


This place is reasonably easy to reach, just take a train to ‘Haarlem’ and then bus 81 (direction ‘Zandvoort’) to ‘Bloemendaal aan Zee’. Check out this webcam for the weather:

-If you stay at the Flying Pig Beach, ‘Noordwijk aan Zee’ is the beach for you. This beach is the kiteboard epic centre of the Netherlands!
To hang out with other your people, go to beach bar ‘De Branding’.

-‘Wijk aan Zee’ is THE spot for (wave)surfing. This beach is also very wide and interesting since there’s a big factory there and big cruiseships are passing by; it looks very industrial. Go to ‘Timboektoe’ for the real surf atmosphere (you can also rent surfing gear here).

timboektoe on the beach

For parties and events at the beach, ask the Piggy staff once you are here; all websites are in Dutch so there’s no need to ad them here!