The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party

Open Mic at the Uptown Hostel Amsterdam

Open Mic Nights – Got Skillz??

Every once in a while, when we get a particularly talented bunch of guests staying with us, we gather in the bar, get tanked, and try and out-do each other.  With a swag of drunken MCs, hosts and technical geniuses including Snowy, Action Jackson and Thijs, this event is the pinnacle of International Talent.
All you have to do, is stand up in front of everyone, and do something cool.  The cooler, the better. 
The Pig offers prizes for the coolest of the evening, but just participating will usually score you something, whether it be a free drink, or the hot Danish girl in the corner.
Now, let’s be honest.  We don’t get hired at the Flying Pig because we can sing, dance, or tell a good joke.  We get hired because we have little shame, don’t complain about scrubbing toilets, and because we spend most of our meager wage at the bar….

Open Mic at the flying Pig Amsterdam

So really, if you have a talent of any kind (squirt milk out your eye, party tricks or a great voice), we want to hear from you.  Cos if we have to do all the cool stuff ourselves, well, it just won’t be so cool…