The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party

The Flying Pig Hostels on Myspace!

It's always the same; you tell people (with belief): 'We definitely stay in touch'. And at that moment you mean it and you are sure nothing can go wrong. But changing email adresses seems to be a mission impossible and suddenly you are in a terrible hurry packing your bags (with a huge hangover) trying to catch your train in time, which succeeds (JUST) and then you realize: no email adresses, no goodbyes, no even still have your roomkey in your hand. All the fun times you spend in the bar with your new made friends are doomed to be once only.

But...since all our piggy staff members are travellers themselves, we understand this problem and we feel we need to make your lifes a bit easier. Of course we have the Piggy forum, but to make it even easier and more clarifying, from now on you can find your lost piggy friends back at our own myspace!

the Flying Pig on Myspace

And once you found a piggy friend back, they might have found other piggy friends, staff members and so more....and they can become your friends again!

So this is a call up to everyone: if you have a myspace already, become our friend! Everybody is invited! And if you don't have a myspace yet....get one!

See you at myspace....!

Cheers, the Flying Pig Staff