The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party

Beer Couriers in the Vondelpark Amsterdam

Liberal as Amsterdam may be, if you’re wise like us you’ll ignore the stuff that dodgy people sometimes offer you on the street, especially if their offer involves those things you’ll end up in jail for in many other countries. But there’s one place where you actually want them to come up to you!

Amsterdam Vondelpark

That place is the Vondelpark , right next to the Uptown hostel, which is a great place to chill out and escape the hustle ’n’ bustle of the big city. But of course chilling out wouldn’t be complete without a cold beer or bottle of wine. But why load up your bag with heavy lukewarm six packs, when there’s guys willing to bring you a cold one right to your patch of grass in the park, for only a little more money than supermarket prices.
Amsterdam Voindelpark near the Uptown Hostel

It’s all not entirely legal of course, but you know what we do over here with semi-legal things…we tolerate them. The cafes in the park are probably not too happy with them, but we say: take advantage of it!

Vondelpark Amsterdam near the flying Pig Uptown Hostel

So next time you’re in the Vondelpark, instead of overpaying at one of the cafes, see if you can spot semi-shady guys selling drinks, call out to them, and ask them to bring you your favourite drink without ever leaving your spot…