The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party

Quotes heard at the Beach Pig

Every eZine we are going to share our favorite quotes heard at the Beach hostel. As we already mentioned a couple of times, the people staying and working at the Flying Pig make an adventure out of everything. There was one special moment that we won’t forget easily.

This guy Tommy (his real name is Tom, but he looks very young), was smoking a big joint at the dinner table. He was obviously looking for something fun to do. In most cases when people are stoned and they want to do something, it doesn’t turn out very good. This time it turned into a hilarious situation. Tommy found a bubble blow and started to use it. He thought it would be cool to blow a very large bubble with green/gray smoke in it.

Look man this bubble is smoking!

Smoking Bubble

After he discovered this, soon the whole table started to blow smoking bubbles, it was great!