The Uptown Hostel

Parties at The Flying Pig Uptown


7th of March:

St Patricks Day is going to be big at the Pig! Irish drinks on special, a totally green bar and lots of leprecons ofcourse!

21st of March:
A fresh spring new moon party! Hoegaarden (white beer) on special and more surprises to be announced!

Parties at The Flying Pig Downtown

17th of March:

St Patrick Day, see Uptown Pig, same story but a little different...and cheap-ass Guiness!

21st of March:

Spring Celebrations! It's still a surprise.....lot's of Hoegaarden, that's for sure!

24th of March:

Summertime!!! Not all countries have it, day time saving...but we do! And we love the summertime, so tonight an extra long night in the bar with lot's of Tinto de Verano's!!