The Uptown Hostel

Special Paint

The last couple of weeks some pure creativity was in the air at the Flying Pig. All sorts of people started to paint and draw on everything from pieces of scrap paper to the bathroom doors.
room in the Beach Hostel

Fortunately the hostel wasn’t fully booked and with some help of the guests, the staff arranged that there was at least one room free for painting and give it its own special theme. To make sure the whole room wouldn’t be one big mess with all sorts of different drawings, the business leader, who happens to be a sort of creative genius herself, gave some staff and guests the mission to help her paint the rooms.

Armed with a few art-inspiring pints, some different colours of paint, and a couple of paint brushes, the painting team started their mission, and the picture shows the results of all the hard work.

We're planning on painting more theme art in other rooms,  so if any of you have suggestions of good themes let us know! Or...even better, come to the Beach hostel and paint it yourself!