The Uptown Hostel

A special guest @ the Beach!

Paul Mataele

The man with black shorts and blue gloves is from New Zealand, born as Paula Mataele, but better known as the One and Only Tongon Tornado!!!
With his 115 kilograms and standing 198 cm tall he may call himself:
-   Boxing: New Zealand Super Heavyweight Champion
-   K-1 Former Team Tua Camp member

What is K-1?
The K is for Karate, Kung-fu and Kickboxing, with the 1 added from F-1 of Formule1.

Paula has been staying at the Flying Pig Beach for over 6 months now, and has moved to the Netherlands because of better training possibilities and to enjoy the relaxed beach life!

He is a real professional K-1 fighter, but because he reached the maximum possible back home he had to move to the Netherlands to pursue his dreams, and although it’s hard to leave his own country Paula likes it over here. He has attracted a couple of good sponsors and is now one of the best K-1 fighters in the world. We all hope he will be number 1 some day!!

The sport may look aggressive but Paula is one of the friendliest people we know. Maybe it's because he kicks other people's asses all day!