The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party
Winner Pigman Winter Olympics

3 free nights at the Flying Pig Downtown Amsterdam: read here who is the lucky winner! And if you want to meet this great gamer, he will be staying at the Flying Pig Downtown March 15-22 to collect his price!

What’s your name?
Keith and I’m from New York, USA            
How old are you?
How did you experience the Pig Winter Olympics?
We booked our stay back in December so I have been checking your website pretty frequently for the past few months. Once I saw your E-Zine with the Winter Olympics I figured it would be a good way to put to use all the time I’ve wasted playing stupid video games. Since we are scheduled to arrive on 15/3/08 the timing couldn’t have been better.
How long did you train before your skills where this high?
The training I went through puts Rocky to shame haha. Nah, I basically sat around at work and played the game for awhile and I was pretty terrible. After wasting a good amount of time there I started playing while I was high at home and that made it a bit more enjoyable.  Eventually I got pretty sweet at the game and boom! 3 free nights at the pig. To think, I got paid to sit around and play PigMan.
Will you joint the Olympics in Beijing in 2008?
As long as I don’t blow out my shoulder! Actually, assuming I survive my upcoming trip to the ‘dam I’m going to go back to my first love, curling! It sure doesn’t get much more exciting then that. That’s a long shot though, as I’ll probably end up drinking too many beers and sleep through the event. Damn it.

Haha we hope you have a great stay Keith! Unfortunately, shame on us, our curling sheets are temporary out of order...sorry!

Oh... and as a runner up and since he tried so many times, Ricardo won 1 free night at the Flying Pig Backpackers Hostel of his choice!

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