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Your biggest fears explained…

Over the past few months we’ve heard several rumors going around, and people came to us in an extremely worried (and sometimes stoned) state, asking us if the coffee shops will really be all closed and the red light district abandoned!
Red Light
So we bring you the truth about those myths...

... and we’re happy to say they’re not true! There indeed are some things that will change, but you’ll never have trouble getting your weed-fix or go window shopping in the red light district. Most importantly, as far as we’re concerned, you’ll always be allowed to smoke your grass at The Flying Pig in one way or another, although cigarettes will indeed be banned inside, just like anywhere else.

No smokingWhat IS true is that the Netherlands is going to get a smoking ban in public places, which is really all about the need for employees working in a smoke-free atmosphere. We’re one of the last countries in Europe to introduce such a smoking ban, but the ban applies to tobacco, so basically coffeeshops can keep on selling the green stuff, but you won’t be able to smoke it inside if you put tobacco in your joint. (Yes, we’re a very weird country indeed). It’s likely though that this will be a transitional measure, and smoking anything in public places will be forbidden eventually. This means coffeeshops may introduce separate “smoking” rooms, where employees won’t have to come inside.

No sex?The other thing that’s been all over the news over here is the government “cleaning” up the red light district. No way Amsterdam’s most famous attractions is ever going to close, but they have been closing some sex clubs that were used to launder money or were run illegally. Slowly the red light district will be more about quality than quantity, which can only be good!

So there’s no need to worry, Amsterdam will stay as liberal as ever, and you can still satisfy all your crazy needs in our great city of sin for years to come.