The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party

The Flying Pig Downtown Bartender Battle

Rian and Koos
Koos and Rian

Hi! What’s your name?
K: Koos
R: Rian

What is your nationality?
K: I am Dutch
R: I am Dutch

And your age is?
K: 26
R: 23

For how long have you worked here?
K: Since August 2005
R: Since 2004

What is your favorite drink?
K: Beer, any brand but Dommelsch
R: Martini baby..and Vodka Lime!

And if you are making?
K: Pouring beer, preferably Palm ;)
R: Vodka Strawberry

What nationality flirts the most?
K: The British
R: Australians

And with whom do you like to flirt?
K: The British
R: Australians


What nationality are your favorite drinkers?
K: The Irish
R: The British and the Irish

And who gets drunk the quickest?
K: Americans
R: Irish

Who are the best tippers?
K: Americans
R: Americans (USA)

What do you typically wear behind the bar?
K: What I would wear during the day
R: Jeans and a top

What question is driving you crazy?
K: Can I have a glass of tapwater (there is a jug of tapwater on the bar!)
R: Where is the Van Gogh museum and where’s breakfast served?


What kind of music do you play? 
K: Mainly Hip Hop
R: Charts

Who is your favorite bartender?
K: Love ‘em all!
R: Merla and Kyle

Anything you would like to add or say?
K: Flying Pig Downtown has the coziest bar in Amsterdam!
R: Not really.

Note from interviewer: Since a couple of months Rian works and lives “down under”, we all miss her loads!

Note from the editor: True..we miss her!