The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party

Flying Pig Downtown Bartender Battle

Eva and Christina
Christina and Eva
Hi! What’s your name?
C: Cristina    
E: Eva

What is your nationality?
C: I am Italian
E: I am Dutch


And your age is?
C: 26
E: 21

For how long have you worked here?
C: Since July 2006
E: Since February 2007

What is your favorite drink?
C: Mojito
E: Red Vodka

And if you are making?
C: Malibu Pineapple with Grenadine
E: Pouring Pints

What nationality flirts the most?
C: Spanish
E: Americans (they are the worst too)
And with whom do you like to flirt?
C: Californians
E: Aussies and Kiwi’s

What nationality are your favorite drinkers?
C: Californians
E: The Dutch

And who gets drunk the quickest?
C: British
E: American Girls

Who are the best tippers?
C: Californians
E: Americans

What do you typically wear behind the bar?
C: Jeans and a top
E: Tank tops

What question is driving you crazy?
C: Can I have change for the pool table?
E: Do you sell weed?

What kind of music do you play?
C: Lounge and Electronic
E: Rocky, Lounge, Reggae

Who is your favorite bartender?
C: Merla and Sil
E: Christina

Anything you would like to add or say?
C: Let’s have a drink!
E: Come to the Flying Pig WOEHOEII