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Visit The Dutch Manhattan


As much as we love our crazy capital, we’ll be the last ones to deny there are many other places in the Netherlands that are actually pretty damn cool. Heck, we even encourage you to see them and put some perspective to the craziness in the ‘Dam! One such example is Rotterdam, to which some people refer to as the “Manhattan” of the Netherlands. It’s always been famous as the gateway to Europe for industry and shipping. This sounds a bit boring, but believe us when we say there’s much more to discover in this lively city!

Amsterdam VS Rotterdam
Where Amsterdam is still about tradition and history, Rotterdam was bombed to pieces half a century ago, and since then architects have let their creative skills run free to rebuilt the city centre, resulting in things like the eye-catching Erasmus bridge across the river Maas.

It was the cultural capital of the world in 2001, resulting in another explosion of cool culture, and nowadays there are some pretty cool festivals in summer such as the huge North Sea Jazz Festival and the Fast Forward Dance Parade. And you may think going out in Amsterdam is cool, but when it comes to dance, Rotterdam is the going out capital of the Netherlands with great progressive clubs like Now & Wow or OffCorso.

But how do get there?
We’re such a small country that going to Rotterdam by train will feel like a short commute…it’s only 45 minutes away from Amsterdam, and trains leave several times each hour.

I don’t want to sleep on the street!
No worries, because some friends of ours run this great hostel called “Rooms”, which is right in the city centre. They have a bar too and hook you up with any information about what to do. Say hi to them from the Pig!

Hostel Room Rotterdam