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Toilet Door Poetry at the Beach Hostel

Dear readers,

Writing on the toilet doors is becoming popular art at the Flying Pig Beach Hostel. Therefore we share our favourite ‘toilet door poetry’ with you every eZine.

pig toilets

So for those out there who left some interesting quotes and poetry at the beach hostel toilets doors: thanks! It gives us something to read at boring moments. The following couple of lines are anonymous, from a door in the ladies bathroom. It must have been an interesting character:

From the story he told me, I pictured him among those bands of vagrants that in the years that followed I saw more and more often wondering around Europe: charlatans, tramps and tatterdemalions, lepers and cripples, jugglers, lunatics, fugitives, sodomites, and among with them rogues of every stripe, cardsharps, relic-sellers, soothsayers, necromancers fornicators of every sort.