The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party

T-Shirt Sale in the Flying Pigs Amsterdam!

Are you staying at The Flying Pig Uptown or Downtown now or soon? Lucky you!
All original piggy t-shirts are for sale!! This means: our left over summer shirts from the last few years and also our really nice, warm hemp shirts!

hemp t-shirt

Did you know that hemp is world's strongest natural fiber? The original Levi Strauss jeans were made from a hempen canvas. Even Old Glory was made from hemp fiber.  The material is comparable with cotton, but cotton is usually grown with large amounts of chemicals that are harmful to people, wildlife and the entire environment. Hemp on the other hand grows well in a wide variety of climates and soils and therefore it requires far less fertilizer and pesticides than most commercial crops.

hemp t-shirt


So we say: don't loose the sale!

To have a look now, check our web shop (this sale only applies in the Flying Pig Uptown and Downtown; not online):