The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party

Meet the Flying Pig Uptown Bartenders!

Meet David, our roughest looking bartender at The Uptown bar. This 27 year old Dutchie is known amongst his co-workers as the Russell Crowe of the Lowlands.

Born in Switzerland (Genève) and raised on the outskirts of Amsterdam. David’s mom travelled around quite a bit before she moved to ‘Edam’, to never leave the place after! Actually, David says it is a city. “Are you sure Dave? Even if it did have stone city walls..” Either way, the place is very famous for it’s cheese market and picturesque appearance. Witness to his mom’s 2nd marriage, this new phase gained David a stepsister. His dad provided a half-brother and sister for him. He applied for a job at the Pig, because his “home-boys” Thijs and Ronald were raving about the place. That was 2 years ago. And here we are now. David doing what he does best behind the bar, and me and my wine doing our thing in front of it!

Who do you respect the most in this world?
“That’s easy. Manja, my mom. Because of what she has achieved in her life. “Go on?” Well, she was a very successful ballet dancer when she decided at a later age that she wanted to have a child. Me! When she was in labour there were so many complications we both almost died. She danced for a couple of years after that but then made the hard decision to give up her dream. All, so she could be there for me. She became the coffee-lady at a factory and raised me by herself. And still she has achieved so much. Really, I have nothing but the utmost respect for that lady.

Most beautiful country in Europe?
“Hmm difficult. I would say France or Switzerland, the French part of it though. Mainly because of the Alps, the nature there you know. But also the architecture and culture really appeal to me. It’s hard to choose between the two”.

And in the world?
“Haha that’s even harder, there are so many countries that are beautiful! But if I have to choose, I would say middle-America. Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, those countries. They still have such pure cultures, with the folklore, the children on their back, I admire that. And I love the jungle with the monkeys and all those trees kinda growing around as the arteries of nature”. “Nice. Well spoken!”

Who would you like to have a beer with in the bar?
“My best mate Thijs. He gets me”. “Explain, haha”. “Well, we’re just always on the same level. We call it Ying and Yang; he never bores me, we just feed of each other”. “Wow, shame he’s not a maiden, sounds like the perfect marriage - no offence to the girlfriend though.”

Who do you think is the world’s nr 1 nobhead?
“Hmm I could say Bush, but that would imply I know the guy, which I don’t. And I think it is silly to hate someone you do not know. So…I would say people that are fake. That have no content what so ever”. “Right. So Bush after all. Oh, eh sorry”.

What do you think the world needs more of?
“Less”. “No, I said more”. “Yeah I know, I heard you the first time! What I mean is I think the world would be better of with less of everything that is there now. There is too much to handle as it is. Last thing we should do is make it even more”. “Ah, (lightbulb) I get it!” 

Who’s the sexiest woman/man for you?
“Right now I would say my girlfriend, definitely. “Why?” “I don’t know, I just think she is very feminine. It’s in the way she moves you know, graceful. You can also have that with someone in the tram or the bus. It’s not the way they look, I don’t even like perfect looks, it’s the way a woman moves. It can also tell you a lot about how she will be between the sheets, haha!” “Really, is that so? Hmm…Interesting…oh yeah, back to the questions”.

Most romantic evening in Amsterdam?
Mind you, it took David 3 days to come up with the answer for this one: “Yet to come”.

If you could be anything for one day, what would you be?
“A woman! To understand what they are on about. Us guys, we are pretty easy, relaxed about things. Women, they are always different. If they’re not fiery, then they are sexy or hurt or fond of cuddling or …you just never know. Oh and just for the record, I would be a lesbian of course”. “Typical…”

You are Dutch. Do you smoke pot every day?
“I used to, for about 10 years. But I gave it up, together with cigarettes. It slowed me down, made me passive, I just didn’t like it anymore”.

Have you ever stolen a bike?
“Yes, many times. We used to scan the streets for unlocked bikes on our way home”. “Excuse me? What fool would leave their bike unlocked?” “Oh, you’d be surprised! A drunk  who just made it home for example. But we got caught one day, we walked right into a police trap. My friend had the bike in his hand though, so they didn’t book me. But it made the whole thing less appealing, haha”. ”Well, well, we got us a little rascal on our hands!” “I was young, and silly. Remember those days?”  “….Yes, well, next question!”


What typical Dutch characteristic do you hate?
“The scrooge part. Only the Dutch will remember you borrowed 0,50 cents of them a week ago. That is so annoying. I believe that things come back to you, always, just in a different way”. “Oh, now that you mention it Dave, remember that day…”

And what do you think is great about the Dutchies?
“Their open mind. Maybe that’s more in Amsterdam than outside of it though, but still. The Dutch are not shocked by or scared of people that are different, like gays. I like that attitude”.

What do you think of the red light district?
“I love it! It is such an interesting neighbourhood. The extremes are so big there; you can find parents with kids in the street passing the famous windows like it’s the bakery, while there’s drugs’ being sold on the street corner. Not to mention the architecture”.

Then…have you ever been to a prostitute?
“No. But not because of the women. It’s more because I wouldn’t be able to stand the thought of all the men before me that have done their thing in that bed. And I have never been able to effort a proper escort, so no!”

What do you like about working behind this bar?
“Knowing individuals from all over the world. That tell their stories at your bar. That’s why I like the bar in winter, that’s when the die-hard backpackers, the real wanderers, end up at your bar”. 

Which nationality is nicest to serve?
“It’s not about nationalities, really. I mean, you have rotten apples in all of them. I would say; people that know how hospitality works. That have been in your position”.

You’ve been here a while, what does the Flying Pig mean to you?
“A great period in my life. I see my life as existing of all different phases. This is one of them. You can learn so much here, because nobody has a past. In the Pig there is only the present. Little things can surprise you here that you would otherwise never have noticed!”

If you could change anything about the Pig, what would that be?
“The management! Haha”. “Smart ass, you are so fired!” No, don’t know…turn it into my place! Yeah, different name, same thing!”

A famous quote from David?
We asked his best mate Thijs about this one since he apparently gets them:

“Man, I am already hung-over for tomorrow”