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Christmas Trees: New York versus Amsterdam

What is Christmas without a Christmas tree?? Most of us will agree on this one. Amsterdam has a massive one standing proudly in the middle of Dam Square. But for years, we were not able to win from the famous New York Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree….UNTIL TILL THIS YEAR!!!

Both Christmas trees are HUGE and they are both covered
in energy-saving led lights. And of course everybody has their own preference. But we, proud habitants of Amsterdam, really think that this year, the Dam Square Christmas Tree wins it from the one at the Rockefeller Center in New York!

By now all of us know: we need to take care for our environment. We do what we can and we take it very serious. But we should not over-act! There is no reason to miss out on things now, in the year 2007, so that we have an extra square meter of ice in 10007 AC. Mind you, Santa Claus will be happier with a bright and shining Christmas trees now, then an extra square meter of ice and snow for Rudolf in 10007. 

No doubt we are impressed by what the engineers of the Rockefeller Center fixed this year; the 30,000 lights adorning the tree are powered by solar panels atop a nearby building! This will save 2213 kilowatt hours per day, which is amazing.

But with Christmas we prefer a tree full of bright lights shining in the long, cold nights to give us all a warm, cozy feeling…..