The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party

Flying Pig Downtown Bartender Battle

Flying Pig Downtown Bartender Battle
In this eZine: bartender Annelou versus bartender Sil. What’s going on in their minds, working behind the bar? Read all about it...

Zebbie Iina
Annelou Sil

Hi! What’s your name?
- Annelou
- Sil

What is your nationality?
A - I am Dutch
S - I am Dutch

And your age is?
A - 23
S - 29

How long have you worked here?
A - Since October 2005
S - Since April 2005

What is your favorite drink?
A - Vodka Lime
S - Jenever

And what is your favorite drink to make?
A - Pouring Pints
S - Jagerbombs

What nationality flirts the most?
A - South and North Americans
S - Argentineans


And with whom do you like to flirt?
A - South Americans, Middle East and the guy who fills up the cigarette vending machine ;)
S - Americans

What nationality are your favorite drinkers?
A - The British, Aussies and Kiwi’s
S - Ecuadorians

And who gets drunk the quickest?
A - The managers ;-)
S - British

Who are the best tippers?
A - Americans
S - Americans

What do you typically wear behind the bar?
A - Jeans and Top
S - Anything without sleeves

What question is driving you crazy?
A - What do you have on your back? (Annelou has got a tattoo of her sign, which is cancer. But unfortunately the tattoo looks like the number (/ position) 69 ;-) )
S - What can I do in Amsterdam?
Sil! Amsterdam is your can all the people know where to go if you don’t tell them?! Shame on you.


What kind of music do you play?
A - Dutch Hip Hop
S - Rock n Roll

Who is your favorite bartender?
A - Merla and Maurino
S - Annelou, Cristina and Maurino

Anything you would like to add or say?
A - Be patience and ‘Geniet, maar drink met mate’ (a famous Dutch saying which means something like: ‘Enjoy your drink, but don’t drink too much’
S - Nope