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Toilet Door Poetry at the Beach Hostel

Dear readers,

Writing on the toilet doors is becoming popular art at the Flying Pig Beach Hostel. Therefore we will share our favorite “toilet door poetry” with you in this eZine.

pig toilets

So for those out there who left some interesting quotes and poetry at the Beach Hostel toilets doors: Thanks, it gives us something to read at boring moments.
The following poem comes from the ladies toilet and is written by our artist Angelique:

Oh love!
You are the divine light that I seek
You are my beacon in the night
You are the world at my feet
And my sun shining bright
And as I sleep
And when I dream
It’s you my love, beside me
And as I long
And sing bright songs
It’s you my love inspiring me
And not a day, my love, I rest
And not a moment, love, to tire
Onwards I go, my love, lest
My heart shall quell its fire.