The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party

Partyship 'The Stubnitz' back in Amsterdam

There is so much water in Amsterdam; we play it save and party on a ship!
This enormous ship from East Germany hosts music and cultural parties since 1992 in various European Cities like Bruges, Stockholm, Copenhagen, New Castle and of course Amsterdam.

The Subnitz

The international party crew and the ever full party-agenda lead to always packed rooms. The performances vary between Techno to Rumanian punk; you can always find something you like. The Flying Pig crew went to the massive openings party (see pics). The Stubnitz will be on Amsterdam – shore till the beginning of December; the ‘Farewell MS Stubnitz’ party is held the 1st of December before it ‘sails’ off again to the next city.  

Party on the Subnitz

Program: check
Entrance fee: depends on the night (sometimes free)
Directions: ask the hostel reception…or if you can remember:

Take the (free) ferry from Central Station to the NDSM – dock. They go every half an hour (last one goes at 00:45). Arriving there, you can’t miss it. You can bring your (rental) bike. The way back is different, you can:
- bike to the ‘Buikslotermeerweg - ferry’ (just follow the crowd)   which goes to Central Station all night long.
- take a taxi, either to the ferry, or all the way back to the hostel.