The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party

Meet the Flying Pig Uptown Bartenders!

Meet Roos, our head of The Uptown bar.
interviewed by: Linda Peperkoorn, manager Flying Pig Uptown

Bartender at the Uptown Flying Pig for over 7 years!
RoosWell…not really. She did leave 5 times. But she came back every time! First out of love for another Pig bartender, then finance troubles did it. And last time it took a bar-chat (with yours truly) about more responsibility in work without having to grow up. A head of bar was born! Before this career move, Roos visited Europe, Morocco, Thailand & New-Zealand. But Australia (where we met up together actually!), Israel & Cuba are also ticked off on her list. Time well spent I reckon!


Roos was born in Groningen, a Northern Province (and city) in the Netherlands. Yes, another Dutchie! She has one older brother and two non-sisters. Uhh… explain? Roos grew up closely with her next door neighbours. After the kids moved out, the parents decided to move in and keep each other company. Her mum has got the first floor of the house and her neighbours the 2nd.  They share meals & the garden. “To us it is like one big family”. Roos explains. “When it’s really two. Get it?” Wow. Definitely sounds “gezellig” Roos!

Who do you respect the most in this world?
Hmm…my older brother. He has the brains of a could-be-millionaire but instead he uses them for idealism. At 31 he is already 1 of the leading experts on living on water. My blank look makes Roos continue; In the future of the ‘inconvenient truth’ especially, the Dutch are advancing their knowledge and projects on dikes (hihi. Sorry Roos…go on!) and living on water instead of pumping it out..

Most beautiful country in Europe?
Definitely Spain. It’s got all the varieties; cities, mountains, deserts, culture, history and good food! Hmmm… We both wonder off in Tapas wonderland..

And in the world, Roos?
Hmm what would you judge it by… It depends on the energy you look for I think. England has a thick energy of culture, mystery & history. While New-Zealand has a more fresh, thin energy of vast nature. But both are great!

Roos at Glastonbury Tor
Roos at the Glastonbury Tor

Who would you like to have a beer with in the bar?
Daan! (Who says friends with your ex (bartender) is impossible?!) He’s the best to have beer sessions with in this bar. And he is not going to be back for another year… I know what you mean Roos. I miss him too!

Who do you think is the world’s nr 1 nobhead?
Bush. Well not only him, but his whole administration really. He’s just a puppet. But it does take a real nobhead to let yourself be played like that.

What do you think the world needs more of?
Love & harmony. I am still a hippy you know! Oh and Intelligence. It is ignorance that has made the world as it is today.

Who’s the sexiest woman/man for you?
Steven, my boyfriend. He has this really sexy wink…I am a goner every time!

Most romantic evening in Amsterdam?
Hmm…I’d say a long Vondelpark-walk with Hippy, my dog, and Steve…

Hippy the Dog

If you could be anything for one day, what would you be?
A dolphin! Just to find out how they see the world and what they talk about. You know cause they have fun hanging out spinning & jumpin’ round, not just being bored like whales...haha

You are Dutch. Do you smoke pot every day?
No, not anymore. I used to though. I quit a month ago. It just slows me down and takes away all deeper motivation for me. Just got bored of it really.

Have you ever stolen a bike?
No I just ride them haha!

What typical Dutch characteristic do you hate?
With the Dutch there’s just no room for impulse or frivolity. Everything is so organized and thought through. I nod in agreement when we both spontaneously order another wine.

And what do you think is great about the Dutchies?
Our tolerance and the capability to always find a compromise.

What do you like about working behind this bar?
The conversations you have with guests. Just being around people on a holiday!

Which nationality is nicest to serve?
The English I think. No but they don’t tip. That’s bad. The Canadians, they are polite and they tip!

You’ve been here a while, what does the Flying Pig mean to you?
A place where I can totally be myself.

If you could change anything about the Pig, what would that be?
I would put it in a huge garden with birds and lots of greenery. Give it more space. Other then that, absolutely nothing.

A famous quote from Roos?
Anticipation heightens pleasure…