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Linda's column

LindaStill going strong
Last night my parents took us out to dinner. Although this might not seem special to many, it is to me. Not just because, as a family, we tend to be as quiet as an elephant in a glass house, but also because it was my parents’ 37th anniversary. Especially these days not many relationships last that long. Why is that any way? Do we chicken out?

“I did really freak out when walking the isle ”, mum confesses in the car. I thought;“How well do you know the guy really?”
Or is that we do not trust in love anymore?
“You did?" My dad cries out “Well, I did not have any doubts, until after the honeymoon!”
Or do we just no longer feel obliged to stick together?

When we arrive at the restaurant, the honeymoon bloopers have set the memory spirit. Soon several of our childhood mischief pass the table. Like the time my sister had bought candy at the super market from the grocery petty cash. When I found this candy-box under her bed, my sister refused  to cut me in. I cried and told mum; “Nonnie, no give candy!” Mum made her return it and confess to the supermarket-clerk. The whole table now looks at me. “Come on, I was 4! I even had to go with her.”.

“Or what about that time I was playing golf” my dad says. “Lin quietly sat in the duck-out behind me, swinging her legs. I was trying my best when suddenly I hear this little voice: “Dad”?
“Yes, sweetie”
“How come they all hit that little, white ball except for you?”
He roars with laughter and I decide it is time to change the subject. Outside our restaurant-window, huge horses are being trained.
“ Didn’t you use to ride horses dad?”
“ Oh yes! With 6 of my buddies. We had a typical English instructor, who would make us down a couple‘ jenever’ shots in the horse-pit. Our lessons were great but absolute chaos! I remember…”
My mind slowly wonders. These two people are so full of stories. And they are still sitting here together!
“You know, sometimes”, I turn at mum “I would even leave you kids alone at night to run to the stables. It was such a slapstick to watch! One guy”…
What’s their secret? It’s not like it was rainbows and butterflies all the time. I leave it for now and focus on dessert. At the end of the night I watch my parents walk out, giggling like teenagers. I start to think that maybe it is not about how much work you put in to overcome hardships. Maybe it’s all about that laugh together, after 37 years…