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by Janine

Its autumn in Noordwijk and the vibe at the Beach Hostel is “chillaxed.” But there’s a lot going on both at the Beach Hostel and in Noordwijk. The staff is getting in the party-mode while giving the hostel a make-over! 

Coming up:  a movie night, quiz night and some of our legendary theme parties like: a Pyjama Party and Disco Night. And then there is our weekly Wednesday night...


Come on down for a stiff one at the Flying Pig Beach Hostel. Every Wednesday it is Ladies Night and during these nights, we offer a fantastic selection of refreshing cocktails for just €3.  For the ladies, the first one is on us! Ladies Night at the Beach has been running for the last couple of weeks and the tasty cocktails have been going down very well.  The most popular so far is: Sex on the Beach!

Make - Over

A while ago our boss has given us the ‘go wild with paint’, so we have started our own ‘Extreme Makeover: Hostel Edition’! Soon, all of our rooms will have their own unique theme. Check out this sneak preview of how the first room is going so far!

A Beach Hostel with no Beach

Finally: I can’t resist joking about a Beach Hostel with NO BEACH (and it is reality)…

Climate-change causes rising sea levels and an increasing power of the waves. Due to this the long, open beach of Noordwijk is not strong enough anymore to offer the required security against floods from the sea. Actually, it is (was) one of the weakest links of the Dutch coast. Keeping in mind that 35% of The Netherlands is under sea level, this is not a nice thought.

Since 2004, there is a project going on, reinforcing the coast of Noordwijk. 


This project involves building a dike under the dunes.  During the winter months, the main beach is closed for public, since the government will install the dike and reclaim the land.  This will enlarge the beach and protect Noordwijk against the effects of Global Warming.

There are still areas of the beach open to public.  Just a five-minute walk along the road, past hotel ‘Huis de Duin’, you will find an entrance. On the way, you can check out the progress of the reinforcement project from the observation platform above the information kiosk. Sunsets are still extremely spectacular; even the workers take some time to stop and check them out.

The ‘Dike in the Dune’ - Project is due to be completed March 2008.  The coastal reinforcement is essential to protect the Netherlands against the water for the coming years. Thanks to this project, we can keep our favorite chill out & relax place.