The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party

Flying Pig Downtown Bartender Battle

Interview Flying Pig Downtown Bartenders!

Zebbie Iina
Zebbie Iina

Hi! What’s your name?

What is your nationality?
I: I am Finnish
Z: I am Dutch

And your age is?
I: 21
Z: 23

For how long have you worked here?
I: Since September 2006
Z: Since January 2007

What is your favorite drink?
I: Beer
Z: Palm

Bartender Iina at a pig party

And if you are making?
I: Beer
Z: I like to pour beer

What nationality flirts the most?
I: Australians
Z: Spanish

And with whom do you like to flirt?
I: Finnish
Z: South Americans!

What nationality are your favorite drinkers?
I: Finnish
Z: Canadians

And who gets drunk the quickest?
I: Finnish!!!!
Z: The British girls

Who are the best tippers?
I: Americans
Z: The Drunk

Bartender Zebbie

What do you typically wear behind the bar?
I: Feather Boa’s
Z: Preferable I go bear naked!

What question is driving you crazy?
I: What kind of beer do you have on tap?
Z: Do you have a boyfriend?

What kind of music do you play?
I: Reggae and Finnish music
Z: Hip Hop n Rock

Who is your favorite bartender?
I: They are all hot: especially the Finnish ones!
Z: Merla, Timon, Annelou and Kyle

Anything you would like to add or say?
I: Drink Dommelsch!
Z: Our bar is super fun…I love when staff hangs around but we definitely need people dancing!