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Winter Specials: Flying Pig Style!

This winter The Flying Pig is taking care for everybody: the drinkers, the smokers, the people who just want to enjoy the nice atmosphere of our hostels but don’t have a lot of money with…

....The Flying Pig's Winter Specials

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5-17 November: Pig’s Pre Party!

pre party canabis cupSince big events like the Cannabis Cup have such a big impact on a city like Amsterdam, we find it necessary to prepare ourselves….the 5th till the 17th of November the Flying Pig hostels will totally be in the theme of the Cannabis Cup! This is the last year that we can order a beer in Amsterdam with a joint in the hand, so we need to celebrate! In those 2 weeks you will get a surprise at arrival, there will be very cheap deals, special stuff to do; all in the name of the Cannabis Cup.

26/11 – 14/2: 5 nights stay = 4 nights pay!

pig specials

Well, doesn’t the name say enough?! For those who don’t have a lot of money: if you book this special, you get a night for free! This means an extra night to hang out with your new made friends, an extra night to explore another part of Amsterdam, an extra night to try more drinks at the hostelbar or to visit another coffeeshop! Amsterdam and especially the Flying Pig are really cozy, nice and warm in wintertime. We are used to long winters and we can handle them!

2-6 March: Happy Days!

Guess what that means: it has something to do with very cheap drinking….and that for almost a week:


The Flying Pig says: Why detox (we have never understood those people)?! The times your where still going strong with your New Year resolutions are over anyway.

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