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What is your Global Footprint?

Measure your own Global Footprint

As you may know, the Flying Pig loves the environment, and we do as much as we can to minimize our environmental impact.
One of the things we are trying to do, is to create (more) awareness of our guests and our staff.

Important is to realize how green we are ourselves. With this small test it is possible to measure your individual effect, your “Ecological Footprint”. Or in other words, how much land- and water area do you actually need to keep up your style of living, and is this more or less than what our planet is able to sustain? In the western world pretty much every one of us uses much more than necessary. Check this link and let us know how big your global footprint actually is:

We say: have a blast during your travels, but do it wisely to minimize the negative effects it may have on our planet!