The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party

Meet the Flying Pig Uptown Bartenders!

Pauline G. Bartender at the Flyingpig Uptown

Meet Pauline G.
Bartender at the Uptown Flying Pig for more then 3 years (although she has left us twice during this time to go travelling in Australia and later Brazil).
Pauline was born in the Netherlands, which makes her Dutch! She grew up in…Oh Oh Den Hague, beautiful city behind the dunes… (Dutch folk song).
Pauline grew up in these dunes with her older sister, Laura.(Who also works for the Pig). Their passport pictures look absolutely identical (it’s scary) and they have told the crew many tales of their ID forgeries. Pauline’s dreadlocks made the distinguishing easy for us, but now that she has traded her locks in for a short red-head look we are all in trouble!

Most beautiful country in Europe?
Croatia and Slovenia definitely. Have visited Slovenia 5 times already and just love the place. It’s got everything; beach, mountains, friendly people, fun cities, history..
Uh… Pauline…Hello?

Who do you respect the most in this world?
My parents and Laura. Well, she is my big sister, you gotta respect that!

Wow, family hey. Got some Italian blood in you?
Haha no, but I do have Antillean and Indonesian blood in me, does that count?
My grandmother is Indonesian and my mom grew up on Curacao.
No wonder they ended up near the dunes!

Who would you like to have a beer session with in the bar?
With the whole gang of my Australia trip. Because that would become just one mad party!


Who do you think is the world’s nr 1 nobhead?
Easy, that’s Kiran. Who? The biggest bitch alive. I mean I am a loving person and all, but this…girl is just a liar and a cheat. Kissed all the boys I liked and got the one I wanted the most.
Breathe Pauline, breathe honey!

What do you think the world needs more of?
Nelson Mandela. Am reading his biography. The man has done such great things and stayed so down to earth. A rare breed, people like that.

Who’s the sexiest woman/man for you?
That really hot Irish dude, what’s his name again…I look at her in anticipation. Hang on (turns to face the girls in the bar) what’s the name of that really hot Irish guy again? You mean Colin Farrell? Yeah. That’s him thanx!

Most romantic evening in Amsterdam?
Laura and me without electricity and heating in our first bought apartment..oh but wait that’s with sister. Haha not very romantic. Hmm okay.
Well you know, Picnics in the park with my boyfriend!

If you could be anything for one day, what would you be?
I would like to be a chimpanzee. But in the jungle, not locked up in the bloody zoo! Just jumping around with my chimp buddies eating banana’s. Haha, yeah that would be great!

Why are the Dutch not called Netherlanders?
Uhh..Dutch comes from…Hell, how should I know? We are not low people so that’s why they changed our name?

Since your Netherlander; Do you smoke pot every day?
I used to. Up till 2 days ago. Just quit. I’m regretting it already!

pauline with fire pots

Do you have pot smoking breaks at University?
Not officially, but yes I used to smoke between classes. Unless I had an exam because I was afraid I would forget everything instantly.

What do you think of the red light district?
All about money. Sad really, those girls are so young!

Do you know anyone there?
No. But I did do research on peepshow spectators for my study ‘Society and Behavior’. People are disgusting! They all keep looking around them, trying to hide their very obvious behavior. Quite ironic if you think about it.

What do you like about working behind this bar?
Checking out hot men. No, my man is the hottest and sweetest. But you know, ‘ kijke kijke nie kopen’ as we Dutch are said to do all around the world (looking but no buying). And the many cool conversations of course!

What is the best nationality to serve at the bar?
The Irish, because they drink like maniacs! Not the most fun but good for a party. The Ozzies are the best. They always shout that “ Thanks Mate” around everywhere. I like it.

If you could change anything about the Pig, what would that be?
That all my chimpanzee friends could come into the hostel too! No nothing really. Leave it exactly the way it is and you are grand.

A famous quote from Pauline?
Keep it stiff/hard/up! (Haha. Really hard to translate Pau)