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Linda's Column

LindaLife as a blank page
Several great minds of the past have said we enter the world holding a blank page in our tiny, wrinkled hands. As soon as we gasp for our first breath of air, this page is titled ‘ My life’. From that moment on every experience, scar, victory and hurt will be duly noted, let’s say by a cosmic typewriter.

One page will soon become 2, and so forth.

Personally , I like this idea of the cosmic typewriter. There is always someone who cares about what happens to you.


“Let’s hope today will have no tears on trust and treachery”.

“Thanx ”.

“ Well, yeah. That damn T is jammed again”.

What worries me is that this ‘ blank page’  deal also states that behaviour and belief is solely created by our outside world. How did these masterminds intend to put this into practice I ask. Did they realize they created the ultimate excuse?

“I am a serial killer”.

“Well, what do you expect with your childhood!”

If only Hitler had known about this way out; “Honest, I didn’t mean to. I was bullied at school by a Jewish 6th grader and his gypsy friend”.

Or what would happen when you did have a lovely childhood:

“Excuse me. You can’t fuck up. You have no reason to”.

I mean, explain a black person in a white world stating; “I have a dream” if all that shapes you is the outside world. Really people, master mind or not.

It does have a big influence on us though. It takes guts to stand up to the mass and to go your own way. It can be difficult and painful. Instead, we often prefer to hide in shells like turtles. To only stick out our heads into the open air when we think it’s safe.

“ Nice shell dude”.

“ What do you want from me?”

When I baby-sit my friend’s puppy, I can watch her for hours on her adventurous quest through trial and error. I sometimes wish you could hold on to this youthful innocence when you get older. It seems that growing wary of risks makes us miss out on the good stuff. When I reread the rough copy of my own life script, the greatest things seem to happen after I go flat on my face. I forgot that. We also forget we have a choice. Setbacks and victories can make either a good book or a bitter or arrogant person. And it’s completely up to you.

Look, it does not matter how many pages you fill. Life doesn’t stress over paperwork. It matters how you write the following chapter. Because when you think about it, the worst that can happen to you is a typing error!