The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party

New Drinks at the Flying Pig Uptown Bar

The Flying Pig Uptown introduces a new beer:
Hertog Jan

Why Hertog Jan at the Pig?
Because of repeated requests from guests, we wanted to switch to more Dutch beers in our selection in the hostelbar. This beer is being served in a typical Dutch glass: Vaasje (say: vahsha). Something we think is nice to present to our guests, to give them that local Amsterdam feeling.

Why Hertog Jan (‘Duke Jan’), and not a different brand?
Because it’s a quality beer, a luxurious pilsener, brewed with natural spring water and it’s getting more and more popular in The Netherlands.

Hertog Jan (‘Duke Jan’) was originally a brand only, from around 1915. Under this brand, several types of beer were released. These (top-fermenting) beers were all made at a brewery in Arcen (South of the Netherlands), owned by 4 friends. They started a brewery in this specific village because of its pure source water. In the early 1980's this brewery had played a major role in the revival of the beer culture in the Netherlands. In 1995 it became part of the international brewery ‘Interbrew’ (now Inbev), who owns many internationally known beers. In 1998 it was renamed to Hertog Jan Brouwerij and it is one of the biggest breweries of the Netherlands.

Visit the brewery?
Yes, you can actually visit this brewery. If the ‘Heineken Brewery’ is not enough for you, go for it! We have to warn you, it is quite a hassle to get there and their website is in Dutch ( But the receptionist at the hostel will be more than happy to help you. We think it’s easier to stay in the hostelbar though, and try it there!