The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party

Flying Pig Downtown Bartender Battle

In this eZine: bartender Jesse versus bartender Kyle. What are they thinking while working behind the bar? Read all about it...

Kyle and Jesse
Kyle and Jesse

Hi! What’s your name?

What is your nationality?
J - Canadian
K - Canadian- British

And your age is?
J - 28
K - 30

For how long have you worked here?
J - Since March 2007
K - Since January 2007

What is your favorite drink?
J - Rye and Ginger
K - Wisers Rye with Coke

And if you are making?
J - Jagerbomb!
K - Martini    

Jesse at the downtown Bar

What nationality flirts the most?
J - British
K - Scandinavians and Spanish

And with whom do you like to flirt?
J - British and Australians
K - With all

What nationality are your favorite drinkers?
J - Australians
K - The Dutch (thanks Kyle…)

And who gets drunk the quickest?
J - Americans
K - Americans (USA)

Who are the best tippers?
J - Canadians and Americans
K - Americans (USA and Canada)

What do you typically wear behind the bar?
J - Jeans and button down shirts
K - Casual; jeans and button down shirt
    (very original, guys….)

What question is driving you crazy?
J - Where are you from, where are you heading to?
K - Can I get Weed here?
    (everybody: keep this in mind, and the answer of the last question is: no)

What kind of music do you play?
J - Reggae
K - Hip Hop n Techno

Who is your favorite bartender?
J - Definitely not Kyle
K - I would have to say myself (I give the service that I expect to get ;) )

Kyle at the pool

Anything you would like to add or say?
J - Nope
K - Nope
    (Hopefully they are saving their speeches for behind the bar)