The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party

Annual marathon hits the Dam this September

Ok, so we lied…it’s not an actual marathon, but a slimmed-down version of only 10 miles, but remember we’re a small country, and with a full marathon you could almost be in another country!

The “Dam-to-Dam” walk started as a fun project in the eighties, departing from the dam of Amsterdam and finishing at the dam of neighbouring Zaandam. (You’ll notice a lot of “Dam’s” in Dutch city names, as these cities are named after the place where a river or lake was dammed up to make place for a city)

Since then it has turned into a mega-event, attracting top athletes from all over the world, and a plethora of little bands and orchestras along the route to rally the runners. And because on this particular day Amsterdam is car-free, there are lots of other activities on the streets in the city centre such as street soccer, skateboard contests and a skating route.

But the main event will always be the Dam to Dam run, and as the very best place to see it, we recommend the roof of “Nemo”. This is the green shipbow-shaped museum close to Central Station right above the IJ-tunnel, through which the runners pass when leaving Amsterdam.

You may even spot some of the Flying Pig crew, as there are some fanatic runners among us!

Bring your friends, bring mayonaise-drenched fries, bring beers, bring spliffs, bring a big banner with a funny text and laugh at an odd 30.000 other people exhausting themselves between the Dams ;-)