The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party

Amsterdam goes Asia!

Maybe you remember; about a year ago we placed an article in our eZine about tuktuks in Amsterdam.
At that stage the TukTuk Company was testdriving in Den Haag en Zandvoort.

Great News: They passed the test! So from now on, whenever the trams are overfull, when it’s raining or when you’re just lazy: go ‘Asia’ in Amsterdam and take a tuktuk!

Amsterdam is the first European capital where tuktuks will be an official way of transportation. They started driving on the 3rd of August and you use them the same as normal cabs: either hold one at the road, or order one (0900 – 9933399, 55ct/call).

Hopefully the tuktuk drivers will be a little friendlier compared to the famous not-always-so-friendly cab drivers of Amsterdam.

The prices are €3,50 per person, €5 for 2 people and €6,50 for (max) 3 people.

If you pass a different zone, another €3,50 will be added.

We say: cheap ass…backpacker-prices!