The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party

Toga's and Pirates at the Beach!

Crazy Party (through the eyes of trainee Niels)!

We’ve had all sorts of crazy parties. Some of them are wilder than others…and these are the ones worth talking about. Most parties at the Flying Pig are just for fun. Well, every party is for fun, but I mean without a specific reason. These parties are great, but when there is a specific reason to party: be prepared because this place can get really wild!

Have you ever seen two cross-dressed Germans, both drinking a whole pint at once? Have you ever been to a theme party where everybody was dressed up? I haven’t!

Last month we had several good ones. But the two best ones were the Toga Party and the Pirate Party.

Toga Party at the Beach Pig

The Toga Party was a surprise party for one of the youngest crewmembers of the Flying Pig Beach Hostel. We had to protect him a little bit because he found some absinth (a really hallucinating drink), left behind by one of the guests. Luckily the manager was able to talk him out of the idea of finishing the whole bottle by himself.
The party was great, everyone had a good time and at the end of the night people were walking around half naked through the Beach Bar and everybody had made new friends.

Toga Party at The Flying Pig Beach Hostel

The second party was one of these ‘without a reason’ parties. The crew was up for a really good night and they made a democratic decision to do a Pirate Party. There were thousands of good ideas for a theme but this one was probably the best. The people who wanted, got a piece of material, and there where all sorts of pens, paint brushes, paint and other things to design and create your own flag.
The best creations are still hanging at the Flying Pig Beach Hostel right now! To bad no one took the risk of bringing his or her camera, but I think we can all imagine why there are no photos!

Make sure you will be one of these partying people next time! Bring your most beautiful outfit and get dressed up like all these people were! See you next time!