The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party

Robodock Festival 2007

If you are in Amsterdam when ‘Robodock’ is on: GO THERE….we are pretty sure you’ve never seen something like it before. Each year we can’t believe our eyes with everything there is to see, and on top of it: the organizers know how to throw parties too!

So what is this festival all about?

Theme:           Rhythm & Time; 10 Years of Transformation.
Location:        NDSM-Dock, Amsterdam North
When:             19th – 22nd of September 2007

This incredible festival has grown from a humble experimental festival towards a massive unique international event, with almost 12.000 visitors in 2006.  This festival proofs it is possible to transform an industrial place into a very special, beautiful, artistic world.

The essences of this festival are technology, art, theatre, multimedia and industry. Artists, technical-students, architectures, designers and theatre-writers form this festival with recycled material, often from the scrap.

Robodock has always been a recycle-platform and the creators have always transformed industrial garbage into art. They reform an industrial area into a place where you might even become a little silent and emotional; the opposite of how you would have felt at exactly the same place, before this whole transformation has taken place.

What we really like are the DJ’s; can you imaging dancing on great beats in the middle of this weird industrial world? We love it…just join us to this amazing spectacle!

How to get there?

Take the ferry on the left side, behind Amsterdam Central Station towards NDSM-werf. It is free and only takes 10 minutes. Make sure you catch the last one; they go until half an hour past closing time of the festival.