The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party

Meet the Flying Pig Uptown Bartenders!

Meet Jamie

Jami is a bartender at the Uptown Flying Pig for over a year. He was born in New Plymouth (where?) and grew up in Auckland, both in New Zealand. He didn’t grow up, on a farm surrounded by sheep, but as the son of an accountant in the city. He worked in a London pub for 10 months and traveled around Europe before he decided to move to ‘The Dam’. A whapper at first, but now he spends most of his nights behind the bar (or in front of it!).

Meet Jamie At The Flying Pig Hostel Amsterdam 

Most beautiful country in Europe?
Holland is a good second, but Croatia’s nature was spectacular man. Stayed in a cool hostel too. The uh…Happy House Hostel or something?

Who do you respect the most in this world?
The drummer from Tool. Because he is the best drummer in the world!

Who would you like to have a beer session with in the bar?
My Dad. I’d love to get drunk with him once.

Who do you think is the world’s nr 1 nobhead?
50 cents. He looks retarded. And he makes bad music!

What do you think the world needs more of?
More stoners in Parliament. Everyone is too stressed, blowing shit up all the time. They just need to chill out!

Who’s the sexiest woman/man for you?
Definitely Keira Kneightly. ( are forgiven Jamie)

Most romantic evening in Amsterdam?
Behind the Paradiso, at the waterside, after a great night of clubbing.

If you could be anything for one day, what would you be?
A suicide bomber (does my bomb look big in this?)

Why are New Zealanders called Kiwi?
It refers to a stupid native bird that can’t fly or see and only has a sense of smell from the bottom of its beak.

What does this say about the New Zealanders?
Haha cheeky!

Do New Zealanders really have sex with sheep?
Only on Tuesdays when it’s really cold.

What do you like about working behind this bar?
The various stories. You get to talk to so many people! Also to the ones that you might not have met if you were not behind the bar.  

What is the best nationality to serve at the bar?
The Scottish & the Irish, because they are always up for a party!

If you could change anything about the Pig, what would that be?
We would get company bikes (Junky style) Believe it or not; I am up to my 11th one! 

A famous quote from Jamie?
Have a Jager…