The Uptown Hostel Amsterdam party

Flying Pig Downtown DJ number 4 in the Spotlight

At the Flying Pig Downtown every other Sunday and Thursday DJ………Snowy!

Dj Snowy at The Flying Pig Amsterdam

From: New Zealand
Age 26
Spinning at Flying Pig since: September 2006
Boy/girlfriend: Many
Music style House
Favorite Club Amsterdam Melkweg, Flying Pig Uptown & Downtown Bar
Favorite Holiday destination: South Island of New Zealand!
Best Travel ever: This trip; it has taken me for over 1,5 year now!
Favoriete drink: Beer Lao and Jagermeister
Spins at FP Downtown Every other Thursday and Sunday

Snowy works at the Flying Pig Uptown, but doesn’t mind to share his funky tunes with everybody at the Flying Pig Downtown every other Thursday and Sunday. On Sunday we have a double happy hour and on Thursday happy hour starts at 6 and goes on all night long. We will see you at the Downtown bar!

DJ Snowy Amsterdam