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Things to do in Amsterdam, The Pig Newsletter
issue#27 Augustus/September 2009

Pig Amsterdam News

The Uptown, Bigger , Better and improved!

The new   Uptown BarWe´re happy to announce that a new part of the Flying Pig Uptown is finished! What used to be our Flying Pig head office, is now transformed into fantastic new rooms for you guys! High ceilings, new bathrooms, a lot of space and it didn´t loose the typical Amsterdam mansion idea.

You can now book the new rooms at and don´t worry, all the existing rooms are renovated too, same as the bar, kitchen and indoor smoking area; all excellent places to meet new people!

The atmosphere is as relaxed and laidback as it always used to be and the friendly, helpful staff is still there. The newly refurbished Flying Pig Uptown is in the centre of Amsterdam, next to Leidseplein which is the best party area of Amsterdam.

Piggie   places on GooglemapsCheck out the Uptown and surrounding areas places on the Googles Piggie map.

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Flying Pig Downtown number 1!

Flying Pig DowntownThe Flying Pig Downtown is very, very, very proud to tell, no, shout to the world we have been voted BEST HOSTEL OF THE NETHERLANDS of June 2009 by! Thank you staff, thank you guests, thank you! Of course we will try our very best to keep it this way – with pleasure! We hope to see you here this winter, or now, or whenever you want! back to   toptop




Europe's Famous Hostels

Check out the best bits of the Europe's most famous hostels with one click!

You might know the Flying Pig Backpacker hostels are (proud) members of the ‘EFH’ – Europe’s Famous Hostels.

This association is often recognized as ‘the best hostels in the European travel world’. If you book any of these hostels, you will be guaranteed with a memorable stay, while still keeping yourself on a cheap and reasonable budget! Each of Europe’s Famous Hostels is independently & locally owned, assuring a local traGet to know our friends in Europevel experiEurope Famous   Hostelsence. They all must adhere to the highest level of safety, & quality while preserving a local flair.

The hostels are located in Amsterdam, Bad Gastein, Barcelona, Berlin, Bruges, Cardiff, Corfu, Dublin, Edinburgh, Interlaken, Lisbon, Loch Ness, London, Munich, Nice, Prague, Riga, Rome, Salzburg,Valencia, Vienna, and in the future, more hostels more hostels will join.

Now, they have a great new feature: each hostel has made new videos showcasing the best bits about their locations so that you guys can see where you’re heading to. All you have to do is pick out the hostel you’re interested in from and drop the name & 'famous hostels' into a YouTube search bar!

Check out the legendary Greek party hostel 'The Pink Palace' at Corfu, Greece. Wether you are looking for a fulfilling adventure holiday, meeting loads of people or a relaxing get-away, you will find it here.

Friendly Frank on Youtube

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Column: The life of a Piggy

The love lives of the piggies

by Aly Coy
Aly Coy

Amsterdam is known for being very open and sexually liberating. Some people come here to experiment and have the excuse, "Well, I am in Amsterdam." It's not just the fact there are girls standing in windows beckoning to you while you walk past, but people in the city are generally more accepting of any sexual orientation. Since the topic of sex is so public, no one cares what or who you do.

But what goes on behind the doors of The Pig? What happens when the 'bar closed' sign is up, and "Single Ladies" by Beyonce is blasting on repeat? 

Realistically, people are usually too stoned to hook up. However, there is the odd get together thanks to our Queen sized beds and drink specials to enhance the connection between you and your new backpacking boyfriend. When there isn't a big bed to be had, and you're in a 32 person dorm, you have to be creative when it comes to hooking up. Of course, it's a natural urge, and traveling can be lonely, so here are some hypothetical places to hook up at any non-specific hostel.

A linen room provides comfort and privacy, but not usually accessible to guests. Also, strong repercussions if caught. Which makes it a bit more exciting anyway.

Private showers are ideal, but a bit cold with tile floors. A blanket and candles would set the mood. If it gets too hot and steamy, a cold shower is just an arm's reach away. Also handy if the candles set fire to the blanket.

An elevator for a short endeavour. Depends on how big the hostel is and if there's an emergency stop button.

In a dorm room for the exhibitionist. Not pleasant for the other guests not gettin' any though. Sheets can be put up for privacy, but nothing will act well for soundproofing.

But what about the staff?

The Pig family is a bit incestuous for the fact that a few couples have sprung from the pack. It's always a gamble with inter-Pig dating. If there's an awkward break up it would put a damper on our vibe- but that hasn't been an issue in the 10 months I've been here. The couples that have gotten together happily work side by side. We all spend so much time together and know each other so well, that getting into a relationship wouldn't be with haste. It would be thought through and the accepting of wild behaviour on both sides taken into account.

Not too many random hookups between staff has occurred. We'll have a naked party in a park, climb all over each other at the bar, kiss and hug every time we say hi or bye, but not push it beyond those loving friendly boundaries. Usually. At big staff parties it's not unusual to have staff kissing each other. In a harmless way of course. We just like each other a lot.

Staff hooking up with guests is a different story.

It's more socially acceptable for Whappers to hook up with guests, because they live at the hostel and are more integrated with the people staying here. Getting involved with a guest always has its issues. You have to accept that the person is leaving. Usually within the week.

With some hookups this is a good thing. You pretend to be upset while dragging their luggage to the exit.

Sometimes they don't leave fast enough. They 'missed their flight' and have to stay for an extra week. You can't make any excuses of having to work, because they will know.

Repeat offenders can be an issue as well. With no warning you see a familiar face from months ago that you just can't place...

Some guests have decided to not leave Amsterdam at all after that magical night, and start showing up at the hostel everyday while you're hiding behind the bar. Eventually you have to make a note on the intranet to not let that person in.

The other side of getting with a guest, is when you fall in love with them. The people that The Pig attract are very cool, laid back and relaxed. It's a wonder how this kind of thing doesn't happen all the time.

In the back of your head you've accepted the fact that they are leaving, but sometimes it cannot be helped. You have an instant connection with the person no matter how long they are in your life for. It would be cynical to think there isn't a point in getting close with the people passing by. You always learn something about yourself and experience new things.

It still always hurts. Saying goodbye doesn't get easier with practice. It's a good thing Amsterdam is a place that brings people back. It's nice that no one ever really says goodbye to the city or to The Pig for that matter.

It's easy to fall in love on vacation, more so at The Pig. Everything seems so magical, easy and non-committal. You make the best of the time you have together, doing amazing things in amazing places.

It's an age old dilemma working at a hostel. To not get too attached to the people briefly flitting through your life. Especially when you are used to traveling around, meeting close friends for a couple days at a time, then both going your separate ways. It's very possible to see the people again in other famous cities and other famous hostels. It's different however, when they leave and you stay where you are.

That's one reason why all the piggies are so close. It's our longing for stable relationships, even if it is for a month or two.

It's also always nice to have guests come back. They enjoy being welcomed by familiar faces at reception, and we too enjoy seeing a guest's face again. They usually start their trip here and end there trip here, with great stories from the in between. Not to mention the returned guest gets a couple free welcome back drinks.

Some people can easily get over and move on from the person they spent a wonderful week with. For others, it's not that easy. The most important thing to remember while getting involved with someone at The Pig, is to regret nothing and go for it.

You only live once, but you can love a million times over.

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