The Uptown
uptownNext to the famous Vondel park and the Leidseplein, the square where it all happens ...
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DowntownIn the middle of a shopping street around the corner of the Red Light District and the Central station...
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beachLocated right next to one of Holland’s beautiful beaches. There’s nothing that can beat...

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There are lots of things to do in Amsterdam just check out some of the highlights we selected for you. When you are amsterdone you might want to go to Noordwijk which has a lot to offer on....

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Instagram Amsterdam

Need a little reminder of your time in the Dam' or something to inspire that next trip to the red light city? Well we rounded up the best Amsterdam Instagrams around to inspire and enthral. Be braced for a visual extravaganza as we Instragram Amsterdam.


For the collective of places you NEED to go in Amsterdam, follow search or tag #amsterdamshots. Beautiful bath-spas, bars and off the hook haunts, all feature and will add to your city itinerary.

@maevdkrogt open in new window

The creative and foodie focused force behind @maevdkrogt is Margot van der Krogt . Having founded the creative Amsterdam hub known as The Makers, Margot now shares her mouth watering snaps on the gram' in glorious technicolour.

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Focused purely on what he considers to be the real Amsterdam, @pdy consistently delivers a vibrant city-scape with filters to spare. Most of his inspiration comes from the Jordan neighbourhood - brimming with bikes!

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For a city spin with a sarcastic twist, be sure to peruse the visual stylings of @mariafranciska. Born and bred in the Dutch homeland, Maris serves clean and classic shots - enjoyed by a whopping 181,000 followers.

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Also known as Kitty de Jong, this Amsterdam resident mixes the local with the international to create an image stream that'll have you booking that Amsterdam ticket, without a second thought.

- Rob Savage



News From the Pigs: Amsterdam Events Coming up During Your Time in the City of Sin

Amsterdam Events Coming up During Your Time in the City of Sin

Robeco Summer Nights - June 27 to August 30, 2015: Robeco Summer Nights - June 27 to August 30, 2015

Back again for another great year are the Robeco Summer Nights - a collection of classical music concerts that blur the boundaries with Jazz and Pop to create an always awesome summer vibe. open in new window

Taste of Amsterdam - June 4 to 7, 2015:Taste of Amsterdam - June 4 to 7, 2015:

This foodie festival runs over a long weekend and gives you a once a year chance toy sample menus from restaurants across Amsterdam. open in new window

Vondelpark Open Air Theater - Dates TBC:
Vondelpark Open Air Theater
Found in the beautiful Openluchttheater in the Vondelpark, this open air theatre will delight with cabarets, dance, drama and concerts, set against the beautiful fountain in the centre of the park. This one suits all ages and tastes. open in new window

Amsterdam Roots Festival - Dates TBC:Amsterdam Roots Festival

Running over a week, Roots Festival provides many a stage for international music and non-western culture. Special projects, performances and masterclasses dominate. open in new window

Gay Pride - July 25 to August 2, 2015:
Gay Pride - July 25 to August 2, 2015

Enjoy a week of LGBT fun times with the renowned Canal Parade kicking off on August 1st. Dress for carnival and expect to see a slightly naughtier side of Amsterdam. open in new window

Pluk De Nacht Open Air Film Festival - Dates TBC:
Pluk De Nacht Open Air Film Festival

Normally held in the middle of the month, this open air film festival is free to attend and hosted in Het Stenen Hoofd, and Studio K. Expect to see never released indie films and experimental shorts. open in new window

Uitmarkt - Last Weekend of August:

It's one of the biggest cultural events in Amsterdam, to mark the official opening of the Dutch Cultural season with performances, concerts, exhibitions, drama, workshops and book markets. open in new window


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Europe's Famous Hostels: Europe’s Famous Hostels Blog: Stephen Harris #51hostelsin3months

Stephen ‘Beaver’ Harris is the Europe’s Famous Hostel Ambassador. His challenge: to visit all of the 51 Famous Hostels by land air and sea, logging his progress on the Ambassador blog. Check out his update for June - right here!

June 15

I had a restless sleep due to an ex-girlfriend who was invading my dreams at night. I guess I had better write her an email to say hello.  I have wanted to write her for a couple of weeks, but have been so full blast with life that my sub-conscience decided to try to write the letter for me, but at a cost.  So I got out of bed earlier than was bodily advisable yet brain determined, to have Sunflower Beach Hostel’s free breakfast and pack my things to head out of town.

7 hours and 5 changes

I shook hands with the wonderful staff and headed for the station to find an early regional train from Rimini to Bologna, to start tackling a 7-hour-five-train journey from Italy to Switzerland and Interlaken  (Rimini-Bologna-Milan-Brig-Speiz-Interlaken).  I am not as pleasant without 8 hours of sleep, and I feel like I am cheating the world when I am not sharp or particularly fun due to the lack of adequate slumber.

When I arrived in Bologna, a schedule said that my next train was at platform 17, but the station only had up to platform 12.  That confused me and I was in a hurry to get somewhere as I was short on time, but I did not know where.  A man in the station hallway saw that I was at a loss, and asked me where I needed to be.  I told him, “Platform 17!”  I had ten minutes to spare and he ran ahead of me to show me how to exit the station, down the street, and into another part of the station.  When we got to a sign that said ‘Platform 17,’ he told me that he had no job and asked me for money.  I thought that was reasonable and gave him €1.

Italy to Switzerland

It was €11 for the ‘fast train’ reservation at the Bologna, Italy, train station to get to Milan, but it was not possible to make the connection, so I figured I would try to blag my way through it as the dumb foreigner.  I hoped it would be a train where they did not check me as they have not yet on the fast train when I had a reservation.  Just 15 minutes into the ride, a woman came to me to ask for tickets.  I handed her my Eurorail pass that makes regional trains free in Italy, but does not cover fast trains without a reservation.

I knew I was in the wrong and I knew she was going to know it as well, so as she was looking at the ticket I was rummaging to find my passport to hand to her the make her feel extra important.  She handed me back my ticket and passport and asked me where my reservation was.  I played dumb foreigner who had not idea of such a concept.  I said, “But the ticket is ‘first-class.’  Do you mean to tell me that I need a reservation as well?  I am sorry.”  She told me that they reservation on the train was going to be €18.  I looked sad.  I apologized again and asked her if we could keep it a secret instead.  She said, “Is impossible.”  So, I continued to look sad and rummaged through my pockets for my money.  I found a €10 and a €50 note.  I handed her the €50.  She asked me if I had anything smaller.  Only the €10.  Now she seemed disappointed.  I suggested the idea of keeping it a secret again.  She said, “Nooo.”  I said, “How about the €10?” and looked guilty.

She said, “Okay, €10 and stop.”…

…So, I went to tuck the €10 into her pocket.  Not that kind of girl, she backed up and told me she was going to have to print me a receipt, and while she did so I got a Beaver sticker that I handed to her with the €10.  I told her I was a travel journalist.  She was excited to receive the sticker and I told her to put it on her refrigerator.  She was smiling as she left.  That saved me €8…  A few minutes later they brought snacks to all of us in the train-car.

I made a reservation for train from Milan, Italy, to Brig, Switzerland.  About ten minutes into that train ride a man came to check my ticket.  He did not bother to ask for the reservation.  That figures…  An hour later another man checked my ticket.  He also did not check for the reservation.  Of course…

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A short and sweet bus commute from Amsterdam city centre is the Flying Pig Beach hostel in the seaside town of Noordwijk. It’s a backpacker favourite in the Netherlands, located right next to one of the most beautiful stretches of sand in the country. You really can’t beat waking up to the waves and the serenity of beach life! Also this summer, the hostel has a shed load of fun stuff to keep you entertained!

meals at the beach hostel

Mouth watering Sunday home-cooked meals made especially by our piggies


Food at the beach hostel

beach hostel noordwijk beach hostel noordwijk beach hostel noordwijk beach hostel noordwijk beach hostel noordwijk beach hostel noordwijk

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TUN UP - August 7, 2015

TUN UP is a brand new bass music party held by the beach in Noordwijk! Founded by Chronicle & The Flying Pig Beach Hostel this collaboration will bring to town top quality tunes and artists.

We will bring the action with the best Bass related reggae, dubstep, jungle and garage, served up by new and established DJs.

The first batch of pictures of the last edition are up, tag all your friends!.We have a very special announcement coming up as well real soon, keep your eyes peeled and mark the 7th of August in your agenda, going to be massive!

tun up events in the beach hostel open in new window

Space Expo

This is Europe's permanent space expedition. Located on an industrial estate on the edge of Noordwijk, Space Expo doesn't look much from the outside, but it's much bigger on the inside - packed with super interesting exhibits, and interactive displays.


You can check out some great space memorabilia, including a cutaway space station where you can get an astronaut's view of circling the earth. There are some beautiful images taken from space too, plus displays showing you how you how to align the planets in our solar system, a weightless space walk room, a satellite launch command and a Soyuz rocket flight simulator. open in new window