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There are lots of things to do in Amsterdam just check out some of the highlights we selected for you. When you are amsterdone you might want to go to Noordwijk which has a lot to offer on....

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  • Top 10 Travel Tunes from 2014 - News From The Pigs - Europe’s Famous Hostels - Flying Pig Christmas Game - Flying Pig Beach

  • News From The Pigs:Covering all the events coming up at the hostels over Christmas, New Years and January, our guides help you to perfectly plan you time on the road! We’ve even rounded up the most awesome festivals, Tulip picking and ice skating events - coming up across Amsterdam.

  • Flying Pig Christmas Game: Have a go at this great online game and be in with a chance to win two nights of free accommodation at a Flying Pig hostel for one person – or one night for two people. Good luck!

  • News From The Beach: What’s Going on at the Flying Pig Beach Hostel

  • Europe’s Famous Hostels:Our friends over at Europe’s Famous Hostels, have a brand new member hostel in Marrakech and they want to tell you guys all about it, and the amazing attractions nearby! Find out more about this amazing backpacker destination.

  • Top 10 Travel Tunes from 2014: Rounding up the best tracks from the past 12-month, the Flying Pig’s very own Lara Bradley sorts through your favourite tracks! From Fitz and the Tantrums, to Tune Yard, here are your perfect picks!

  • Can you smoke in Our Hostels? Yes you can... We have smoking rooms for you....

  • Besides tha smoking you can party all night long.

  • At the beach you can do it all and chill out afterwards...

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Things to do in Amsterdam - The Pig E-zine
Issue 62 - December
2014 and January 2015



Lead Article: Top 10 Travel Tunes from 2014

I’ve been having a scout around and talking to backpackers in the hostels, in search of your ultimate travel songs of for 2014. A tough thing really as there are so many classics that go hand in hand with memories on the road. There were recommendations old and new, so I went with the majority! Making the short list was tough ... but here are your favourites!

1. Fitz and the Tantrums: Spark

Lets kick off with the indie-pop jovial sound of Fitz and the Tantrums. The lyrics are very ‘can do’ and inspiring, making for an energetic melody which never falters and consequently - a great travelling tune. I’m guessing if you're trekking up a mountain and need that extra propulsion, this song would boost you to carry on. If you like electro pop and want to feel refreshed then step on the gas and hang your head out the window, or even through the sunroof - singing at the top of your lungs.

2.Banks: Warm Water

Banks was set to be my next big album review as I have a massive girl crush on her. If you haven't already realised your love thanks to the track Fall Over, be prepared to go head over heels. Not only is her voice deeply seductive but have you seen her?! Just listening to this sultry sound rushing out from your iPod will give you goosebumps. Aptly titled, you can feel yourself sitting on the shore, with your toes in the sand of that picturesque beach - somewhere in Thailand.

3. Tove Lo: Habits (Stay High)

This song has full moon party written ALL-OVER-IT! The swedish singer has successfully nailed that catchy, sultry sound with equally strong verse and chorus humdingers, running throughout. The video taps into every young traveller’s shenanigans at some stage of their journey; drinking beers, dancing in clubs, getting a feed after a heavy night and waking up not looking your best! Consequently it adda appeal to its audience. “I gotta stay high all the keep you off my mind.” is a raw but honest lyric! This makes for a meaningful song, tapping into your emotions and being away from your loved ones back home.

4. OneRepublic: Counting Stars

“Lately I've been, I’ve been losing sleep. Dreaming about the things that we could be…” Y’all know how it goes I’m sure ! This is a bit of a curve ball from what we originally know to be One Republic, but in a pumping way! I don’t think it really matters what the words are in this tune - it’s not intended to be meaningful or heartfelt. Rather it’s the catchy beat that totally owns it. A bit cheesy perhaps, but one of the main songs of the summer for sure.

5. SOHN: Artifice

Another favourite of mine, proposed by the fine people of the pig - you beauties you! I will best describe it as Euphoric electro! Drums, percussion and synthesizers layer the track, as a distinct bass supports all. Floaty and trippy, the lyrics are actually pretty dark and delivered with a pained softness that glides beautifully over the slow computerised sound. Saying that, it’s not a song that’ll drag you down. Rather it feels like a soundtrack to staring out the train window on your Eurotrip. You know if you made your own travelling video and sped up parts to create an arty travel track for yourself? Well, this would be the perfect fit. 

6. Vance Joy: Riptide

Most of you travelling through the Pig this year have praised the bartender for spinning this tune. It’s bright, bubbly and extremely catchy. Classic acoustic country guitar strums to open the track and set the theme for the follow through. Great for road trips and singing at the top of your lungs, this happy tune exudes summer, sun, and fun.

7. The War on Drugs: Red Eyes

Lets talk rock. But not head banging, animal guitar playing track thumpers - I wouldn't do that to you. No I’m talking about easy soft rock, which packs a punch but doesn't destroy your eardrums for eternity. It’s now time for your chilled summer soundtrack -listened to  on lazy nights. I would in fact recommend this entire album. If you haven't heard of these guys before and are keen on the Parquet Courts, Real Estate or Kurt Vile, you're in the right neighbourhood.

8. How to dress well: Repeat Pleasure

Taking a massive stride away from his normal RnB sound, Tom Krell has surprised and impressed us all with this new wave gem. The lyrics might just cause a deep emotional tug on your heart strings and give you that hypnotic blissful feeling, almost like riding the perfect wave. This is a melancholy depiction of love. Sitting on a roof terrace in Iceland, late at night - staring up and the wondrous  Northern Lights would go just fine with this tune.

9. Tune Yards: Water Fountain

A blood soaked dollar, a two pound chicken and a cherry pie all feature in what can only be described as a playground chant or rhyme, with hand claps and toe taps included. You know what this reminds me of? Iko Iko The Dixie Cups. It’s a childlike playful and modest sound, which seems to have an innocence wrapped up in its folk and african influence. In essence it’s a happy go lucky one for sure, apt for meeting new buddies and getting up to no good!

10. Bedouin Soundclash - Brutal Hearts (feat. Coeur De Pirate)

Perfectly crafted, Soundclash produce yet another great track. It’s mellow with a continuous trilling percussion, giving a raw feeling that travellers can relate to. A hearty rhythm coupled with a minimalistic vocal and song arrangement, makes for an easy listening, and compelling song. Lost and floating around India right now? Or somewhere deep in the middle east? Add this track to your must play list. If that’s not enough, you know you can rely on the the Bedouin Soundclash album for more travelling love.

Anyway folks thats all for now. Thanks for sticking with me this year - see you in 2015!

- Lara Bradley



News From the Pigs: What's Coming Up During Your Time
in the Dam

Uptown Hostel Events

Flying Pig Uptown Christmas and New Years Eve PartiesDecember 24 , 2014: Christmas Dinner
With Limited spots make sure you’re at the table by booking your spot at reception!

December 25, 2014: Christmas Pub Quiz -
Get in the festive spirit with Christmas movies to follow, throughout the day.

Flying Pig Uptown New Year’s Eve Party:
With a Neon theme, you can get your glow in the dark dance moves, perfected! Our all inclusive special gives you guys Unlimited Dommelsch beer, wine and selected soft drinks, between 21:00 and 24.30 for just €25.

Downtown Hostel Events

Flying Pig Downtown christmas and newyears eve partiesDecember 24, 2014: The Christmas Eve pub quiz, hosted by the best Flying Pig staff in (down) town, plus party games, giveaways and prizes galore. DJ Luca will follow up with some awesome tracks.

December 25, 2014: Enjoy your Christmas day dinner with Christmas pies aplenty for just €7.50, including a glass of wine! DJ Snowy will be there too and there’s a fancy dress pyjama party!

New Year Masquerade Ball with DJ Daniel: Party down with your mask an gown at our epic downtown hostel new year’s party.

Festivals Across Amsterdam

Festival of Light - Until January 18, 2015: Take an illuminated walk through the Plantage neighbourhood of Amsterdam, where you'll find illuminated artworks galore - installed especially for the festival. Spanning museums, theatres, restaurants and shops, enjoy artwork from established and up-and-coming artists. open in new window

Leidseplein Ice Skating: Up until early January, the square is transformed into a winter wonderland featuring an ice skating rink. If you don’t have your own skates, you can also rent them here. In addition to the skating rink, you’ll find festive lights, a small Christmas market and typical Dutch treats - for hours of winter fun.

National Tulip Day - January 17, 2015: The Dutch tulip season officially gets started in January every year as the National Tulip Day comes to town! Everyone is invited to pick their own tulip for free from a specially constructed picking garden in Dam Square.


Check out the Facebook Page Facebook for more details - as we unveil them!



Pig Game

Play this game and win free nights @ the Pig!

Flying Pig WintergamePlay this game and win free nights @ the Pig!

Play our yearly winter game and win 2 free nights. This is your chance to stay at the Flying Pig for free; just practice your old Packman skills again!

Play the Flying Pigman Game and try to get as many points as you can. You can play as often as you like; the person with the highest score (before the 1st of January 2015) wins two nights of free accommodation at a Flying Pig hostel for one person – or one night for two people. (which you can use anytime in 2015, but only if there is availability of course)!!

You can find the rules in the 'How to Play' section and make sure you fill out your email address on the scoreboard, so that we can contact you!


Europe’s Famous Hostels: Marrakech

Our friends over at Europe’s Famous Hostels, have a brand new member hostel in Marrakech and they want to tell you guys all about it, and the amazing attractions nearby!


Action packed and often chaotic, Marrakech is Morocco's most-visited city. Split into the old quarter, dominated by the souks in the Medina area, and sparkling with the ville nouvelle (the modern city), Marrakech is an incredible feast for your senses.

The smells of the tanneries and the street food sellers fill the air of the winding maze of backstreets, where shop owners flog their goods to both locals and tourists alike. Bartering is a part of Moroccan culture, so make sure you keep a tight hold on your dirhams until you've done the right deal! If you ever have enough of the incredible market stalls in the old town, there are plenty of beautiful mosques and ancient Riad's to visit, not to mention some world-class art galleries and museums in the modern part of town.

Equity Point Hostel
With a next to perfect location - right in the winding backstreets of the Medina, Equity Point Hostel is the best hostel in Marrakech. Renovated and decorated with incredible attention to detail, Equity Point Marrakech Hostel has plenty of space to relax in after long days discovering the beauty of Marrakech, plus a roof terrace, spacious and comfortable rooms and even a pool in the beautiful courtyard!

A sanctuary for travellers in Morocco, Equity Point is an award winning hostel. They have a rooftop bar and an in-house restaurant, where you can enjoy the incredible and traditional Moroccan cooking of Rachida, the hostel's local cook!

Set in an old Riad, the Equity Point Marrakech Hostel has been meticulously renovated with
amazing attention to detail, and you can choose between 4, 6, and 8 bed dorms, plus  private rooms! All have en-suite bathrooms and the hostel has numerous common areas so you can always find somewhere to chill out after a busy day walking around Marrakech.

RAK_6497-330Equity Point Marrakech OutdoorPrivate Bathrooms at Equity Point Marrakech HostelEquity Point Marrakech Hostel RestaurantRelax at Equity Point MarrakechEquity Point Marrakech Pool!Equity Point Marrakech Hostel Roof TerraceEquity Point Marrakech LoungersEquity Marrakech DesignEquity Point Marrakech Hostel Common AreaEquity Point RooftopEquity Point an Old Riad in the MedinaEquity Point Local FoodEquity Point Marrakech a Roof with a ViewEquity Point Marrakech Guest Swimming Pool

Let yourself be seduced by the contrasts, colours and smells of the Medina and immerse yourself in the fascinating activities of the Plaza Djemaa el-Fna, where  you can find snake charmers, dozens of stores selling fresh juice, restaurants, bars, musicians, traditional water-sellers, and acrobats every day of the year! open in new window open in new window  



December 19, 2014: Band night featuring Spoon Lifts Moon
December 20, 2014: It’s Reggae party time.

January 3, 2015: Beer Pong
January 4, 2015: Piggy Cannabis Cup
January 14, 2015: Fifa 14 tournament
January 17, 2015: Battle shots World Cup
January 20, 2015: Chess Club
January 21, 2015: Music video quiz night
January 28, 2015: Food night
January 31, 2015: Silent disco in your PJs

Space Expo
This is Europe’s permanent space expedition. Located on an industrial estate on the edge of Noordwijk, Space Expo doesn't look much from the outside, but it’s much bigger on the inside - packed with super interesting exhibits, and interactive displays.

You can check out some great space memorabilia, including a cutaway space station where you can get an astronaut's view of circling the earth. There are some beautiful images taken from space too, plus displays showing you how you how to align the planets in our solar system, a weightless space walk room, a satellite launch command and a Soyuz rocket flight simulator. open in new window