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The Flying Pig and the environment

We at the Pig care about our planet. We do what we can to minimize the damage we cause to the environment, while we keep on being the laidback hostels you know us for!

The last few years we supported Trees for Travel - an organisation that finances the regeneration and maintenance of forests, to lock up greenhouse gases. Your combined efforts raised enough money to plant over 22,465 trees - that’s more than 67 soccer fields!

5965 trees were planted to recover two national park’s in Uganda, while the other 16,500 trees were used to reforest the slopes of the volcano Mount Malinding in the Philipines. A big thank you goes out to everyone for helping out and making this such a great success.

Just a drop

Just a dropAs of now the key card deposit will go to Just a Drop - a small and very transparent charity organization that raises money to build wells, install boreholes and hand pumps, and carry out sanitation and health education programmes in some of the poorest parts of the developing world.

At the Flying Pig we all love to travel, some of us has seen the most desolate places in the world. That's why we don't want to look away from the fact that many people live without clean water.

Just a drop mission is to reduce child mortality by delivering accessible clean, safe water where it is needed most.

We like working with them because it's an independent, non-campaigning and hands-on organisation. To date they have helped over 1 million children and their families in 29 countries.

Rather than taking a global perspective on the issue, they look at the local picture to establish how they can achieve maximum impact at ground level. This means working directly with other charities, local partners and communities.

Together with our partners from Beds and Bars we can support a project of our choice and proudly put our name on the project and a face to the people we help.

For more information check out Just a Drop's website

Trees for travel

Trees for  Travel“What is this all about?”

Yearly over 40.000 individual backpackers stay at The Flying Pig hostels. The average stay of a traveler is about two nights and each traveler takes at least one shower a day. The hostel is open 365 days a year. The hallway, bar and basement lights are on 24 hours a day, the average temperature in de building is 18.9 degrees Celsius, we are using a 24 hour ventilation and in the summertime an air-conditioning installation in the bar area.

“Wow, that means hostels use a tremendous amount of energy and water every year!”

Well, that’s right. The Flying Pig uses about 200.000 kilowatts of electricity and 40.000 cubic meters of gas every year. That means we’re responsible for 200 tons of greenhouse gases every year, which are the cause of global warming and all sorts of climate trouble.

“What exactly are you doing about this then?”

With all the attention the climate gets, we just can’t sit back and do nothing. The Flying Pig does a lot to cut back on our electricity use, water use and waste production:

Let there be light - Already nearly all of our light bulbs are energy saving ones, and we’re installing sensors in bathrooms and toilets so lights don’t stay on unnecessary.

The last drop - We’re trying to prevent unnecessary water use as much as possible by changing the showers and taps in bathrooms for more efficient ones. The pig bars have a special water saving system for cleaning glasses, only refreshing the water when necessary instead of continuously.

Reduce, re-use, recycle - Our garbage is separated in normal, paper, glass and chemical waste and collected the same way. Empty printer cartridges are collected by a special recycling company, and the money they give us for it is donated to ‘Trees for Travel’.  We only use recycled paper, and our staff uses the back of used paper sheets as scrap paper! The cleaning piggies only use cleaning products that are certified environmentally friendly.

A warm welcome - We’re insulating rooms whenever possible to avoid heat being unnecessarily wasted, which especially may be the case in historical buildings as those that house our hostels.

Home improvement - We’ll make sure that renovations to the historical buildings that house our hostels promote sustainability. For example, when replacing a window, it’ll be one with double glazing or when replacing a computer or fridge, we’ll buy one that is as energy efficient as possible.

Watch and learn - The environment is literally a hot topic, and new solutions are developed around the globe. We’ll keep track of such new developments and start using them when possible.

The more the merrier - We can only make a big positive change to the environment if everybody works together. There are many ways to help in your own way such as installing energy saving light bulbs in your own home, showering a minute less, buying local products, taking public transport or planting a tree. Every little change helps, so spread the word and help others making their own changes!

Read our official (weird business-like) environmental policy download pdf here

trees 4 travel“Can I help, being just a single traveller?”
Yes you can!! The Flying Pig is working together with a Dutch non profit foundation; “Trees for Travel”. By dropping your Key card in the “Trees for Travel key box” you are actually helping to plant new trees. ‘Trees for Travel’ will use your donation to plant and maintain rain forests in order to compensate for greenhouse gasses around the world.

“But what difference will one key make?”
The value of your key deposit compensates the CO2 you produce during your stay at the Flying Pig and will be invested directly in maintaining and rebuilding forests all over the world.

Go on: Donate that key and plant that so needed tree! Dutch English